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WhatsApp positions itself as office tool as it enables Word, Excel & PowerPoint document sharing

WhatsApp Documents

Recently WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging application, released a beta version that allows Android users to send documents that are in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint format.

Android users who are interested in trying out the feature need to be part of the WhatsApp beta testing program which they can sign up for by following the link to the tester program.

This current change which was first introduced for Version 2.16.25 comes after WhatsApp rolled out the document sharing feature last month to all its Android and iOS users. At the time, it only worked for PDF documents.

Though the restriction to PDF files took away a bit of the buzz from the update, it hasn’t stopped people from looking out for other file types being accommodated.

Documents are just the latest type of file that can be sent through WhatsApp which also accommodates audio and video clips as well as images.

Though WhatsApp hasn’t confirmed when it will be introducing the feature across other platforms (including those that were overlooked with the first documents update like Windows), the beta tests are a good indicator that it will likely be opened up to all users soon.

The IM platform has undergone a raft of changes over the past year which included the end of the subscription service, added security and an increase of its group member totals. All this indicates a faster activation of beta features. Hopefully, the same quick adoption will happen with WhatApp documents to as many of its users as possible.

When it is open to 1 billion users this will help position WhatsApp as a suitable substitute for other digital communication channels which include e-mail.

After all, the IM platform not only offers a sense of immediacy but it also benefits from the added security to communications enabled by its introduction of end to end encryption (E2EE).

In markets like Zimbabwe where WhatsApp dominates internet use the option to send PowerPoint, Word, and Excel files adds more value to the application as it will now likely be embraced as another convenient office tool.

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