City of Harare embraces digital payments options as cash shortages worsen

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As cash shortages continue to disrupt service delivery in Zimbabwe some providers that handle a lot of transactions are making arrangements to handle the crisis.

The latest to do so has been the City of Harare. After announcing plans to introduce swiping facilities the municipality has now introduced the bank card facilities in its banking halls.

Residents can now make payments using Zimswitch facilities as well as credit and debit card alternatives like Visa and Mastercard. The city also entered into an electronic bill payment arrangement with the country’s largest retail bank CBZ.

The Harare municipality has in the past introduced mobile money payment channels for EcoCash and Telecash the two leading mobile money services in the country.

All these services are significantly easing the burden of utilities’ payments as the local financial sector grapples with dwindling supplies of hard cash. Hopefully, other “cash-only providers” like the police department will do the same for spot fines.


  1. Langton

    Forget ZRP..How could one pay bribe using a Zimswitch card!

    1. ggg

      the hnically in mist could tries police tame cash or. electronic rtgs efr etc nor swipe for payments for some weird securriry reason. and our cops will say that to pay cash he won’t charge you for a 40 ticket ukaisa 5

  2. G

    spot fines cashless haibo – vanozodya sei

  3. Gandanga

    the ZRP is the number one culprit for cash hoarders. Before the government started the withdrawal limit nonsense they should have give those guys POS machines!!!!

    I also don’t see the sense of the MInister and the Governor they say use plastic money but they still levy a 0.5c charge on every digital and plastic transaction, shoot yourself in the foot why don’t you!!!!!

  4. prince

    So today ndaenda kuma drum (vid) ndapinda bhoo ndabuda ndamu highway I was told kut ndatsika line ini ndisina ndabvandatonzi ngatidzokerei kuvid vafoira ndasvika ndakuda kudzuruka zvikanzi enda unobvunza vamwe zvinoitwa kunoku

  5. Steve Norton

    I have tried to pay by Stanbic visa card at Rowan Martin and none of the card readers will accept my card. The card works well at Zesa and Tel one where I am able to pay my bills upfront. I think that City of Harare need to get their act together and obtain all the necessary card readers to avoid delays in payment. I am unable to get out enough cash to pay my City of Harare Bills.

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