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The NetOne OneFusion launch in pictures

NetOne CFO, NetOne Directors, OneFusion, Zimbabwean Telecoms Executives

NetOne, Zimbabwe’s second largest mobile operator just unveiled its new integrated voice, SMS and data package called OneFusion.

The launch, which was held in Harare was a glossy event and the excitement around NetOne’s new product attracted a lot of people including some familiar faces that have become recognisable thanks to social media.

You can find out more about NetOne’s OneFusion package here

Here are some of the pictures from the event:


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10 thoughts on “The NetOne OneFusion launch in pictures

  1. Ini ndiri dofo zvangu but why would people have a glossy event to launch voice and sms? How many times has this company rebranded?

  2. Yaaaaah in pictures zveshuwa, surprised to see vekuEconet varimoo imomo mumapictures, comment in vernacular, just another way of encrypting my message. Looks like the event was wrapped up with some “modellers” (yes that was intentional… modellers)

    1. It’s sad what actually passes for a product launch. From what I see it’s just a grouping of “it” personalities/socialites/dj’s and supposed Netone Execs. How will this help the brand and give them the traction they need to make it successful. All I see are people getting boozed up and taking selfies. And we wonder why Netone is always crying about unmanaged expenses and losses year-in year-out.

  3. opened this article expecting to find out exactly what oneFusion is but its jus a gallery of pictures

  4. thats why they are perenial loss makers, why spend so much money for a event to launch a mobile package. a social media campaign and sms would suffice

  5. Could we kindly have a write up on what the product is all about.

  6. The whole point of functions like this is to convince senior management that people deserve their salaries. The product is a dud and they know it. They can spend some money,do some radio interviews, some print ads, t shirts and caps, get allowances for travel. A successful exercise in looking busy

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