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HGI Web Developers and Designers Hackathon 2016

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Hove Group Investments (HGI) is a business solutions service provider that is focused on creating and implementing unique solutions in line with client requirements. HGI works with a variety of technology partners bringing a wealth of international experience to the local market. Our objective is to help customers integrate their ICT solutions seamlessly with their business processes, thereby giving our customers a competitive advantage in terms of increased productivity. Our focus is to implement business solutions that allow customers to save on ICT costs allowing our customers to simultaneously focus on their core business by fully utilizing all the IT services such as business applications, voice over IP services and video streaming.

Experience in some of the world’s most demanding and challenging markets means that HGI can deliver the right solution for businesses in terms of building a solid and cost effective infrastructure. A solid infrastructure enables businesses to focus on growing while maintaining customer satisfaction.


This year HGI is hosting its first Hackathon, and the focus of this hackathon is on web development and design. HGI believes that a Hackathon is about gathering together a group of professionals with a view to collaboratively building solutions to solve a problem or improve a product. The HGI Web Developers and Designers Hackathon is about exactly this kind of collaboration. The HGI Web Developers and Designers Hackathon 2016 is a skills contest which takes the form of an intensive one day marathon that will allow web developers and designers to work on a selected range of web design and development problems and assignments.

The event will draw together the most talented and creative web developers and designers to compete against one another. The hackathon presents web developers and designers with a unique opportunity to showcase their skills to a relevant audience. In addition, the hackathon aims to facilitate the creation of a more competitive workforce that is capable of creating home grown solutions. The theme for this year is ‘Developing Home Grown Solutions’.

The HGI Web Developers Hackathon has the following objectives:

  • To improve problem identification skills and problem solving capacity
  • To Increase in creativity and the ability to develop actionable solutions
  • To create an opportunity for web developers and designers to network and showcase their skills in front of an audience of relevant people
  • To create of an innovative community that will work on future projects

The event is open to all qualified and skilled web developers and designers. Those interested in participating should register for the hackathon on the HGI website:

Hackathon Organizers And Mentor Profiles

Below are the profiles of the organizers and mentors for this event:

Tinaye Hove: (CEO & Chief Technical Officer at HGI) (Organizer) He has over 15 years of international experience in ICT Data Networking, Security and Business Solutions. In addition, he has worked in France, England, Germany, Israel, Turkey, Norway, Holland and the USA for companies such as British Telecom, France Telecom, Nortel Networks Cable & Wireless, Thompson Reuters, BN Paribas and Priceline.

Hannibal Ndlovu: (Mentor) He is a combination of an enterprising geek and entrepreneur. Furthermore he is an energetic and creative web designer, security consultant and system engineer.

Hayden Eastwood: (Mentor) His expertise is in the areas of software development and project management for mobile and stationary platforms; USSD, CakePHP, MySQL, FORTRAN, R, C, Python, Android; mathematical analysis of data in a wide range of settings; algorithm development; relational databases. Over and above this, he has a great interest and involvement in entrepreneurial ventures.

Meredith Tsumba: (Mentor) She is an IT Professional with extensive experience with Lean & Agile software development. A Certified Scrum Master with a background in business analysis, project management and application development in the financial services industry. She has a consistent ability to improve business performance by aligning business objectives with optimal technology solutions through business process refinement.

Enia Nyamhukutu: (General Manager at HGI) (Organizer) She is a Zimbabwean HR practitioner who has worked in the UN and other organizations, she understands and recognizes the challenges of unemployment and it is her hope that this hackathon will begin the journey towards creating more opportunities for employment for talented young people.

To obtain more information on the hackathon and HGI, please visit our website:

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