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I’m excited to start Afrodigital’s Pan-degree in Practical Digital Marketing – this is why

If you are a lazy reader and want to go straight to sign up for the 4 month Pan degree programme, it costs USD100 once off or USD40 per month. Click here. Otherwise here’s my story: Cause… When lockdown began, the real lockdown, not the numerous extensions that made us lose track of time, there […]

Sending/Receiving Diaspora Money? Steward Bank Says You Can Still Do During Lockdown

Four days into the lockdown and there are still questions, lots of them. One of the questions has to do with whether or not sending money to relatives in Zimbabwe is possible during the 21 days. The more important version of that question is whether it’s possible for the relatives to receive the money sent […]

5 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Site Before The End of 2019

1. The business world has gone digital  But of course, you already knew this. The business world has evolved in more ways than we thought economically possible. Apart from your products and services, you also have to be online as a stand-alone personal brand. This reduces the odds of your business failing by, roughly, 25%. […]

USD Cash Guaranteed For Remittances At Steward Bank Outlets

No doubt the talk of town still is the recent changes to Zimbabwe’s currency regime. The first reaction from ordinary individuals like you and I was of course panic and nervousness. The dust seems to be settling now. Your remittances money is yours The monetary authorities have clarified that forex you receive into Zimbabwe from […]

Diaspora Folks, Steward Bank’s Sosholoza Works For You Too

Steward Bank’s Sosholoza is an exciting innovation on multiple levels. What’s more? It just doesn’t work for Zimbabweans living in Zimbabwe. It’s also a useful innovation for folks outside the Zim borders. Not another app! First, it’s pretty cool that with Sosholoza, Steward Bank is not forcing another app on anyone. Sometimes it gets to […]

AI Ventures Into Wildlife, Some Fascinating Stories

Artificial Intelligence (AI) when combined with any existing form of technology, amplifies the entire experience and performance of the same. Keeping this in mind, scientists are integrating AI in various industries. With its widespread use in almost every arena today, it has also trickled its way into a sector that can help revolutionise the ecosystem […]

Hey Web Development Firms, Mercy Corps Wants A Knowledge Portal Built For Them In Zimbabwe

Mercy Corps, a US founded international humanitarian organisation is looking for a web development company to build a knowledge portal for some of their work in Zimbabwe. The portal is being built through the Zimbabwe Resilience Building Fund (ZRBF). The fund is s a long-term development initiative with an overall objective of contributing to increased capacity […]

You Can Now Buy All Your Airtime From Techzim On Facebook

If you are an ardent Techzim follower you know that we have been selling airtime since November here on our platform. To buy the airtime you just visit our site and click this link and go through a simple process. That’s all good. Anyway, we figured out that not everyone who has internet bundles at […]

Apply For The Higherlife Foundation Web UX/UI Developer Position During Their Recruitment

At Higherlife Foundation, we believe in the power of people. That people have unlimited potential to transform their communities, and ultimately, their nations. That’s why we invest in people – from students and teachers, to farmers and entrepreneurs. We work to build thriving communities, one person at a time. And we need your help.   Because […]

5 Solid and Affordable Gadgets You Can Buy In Zimbabwe This Festive Season

A few weeks ago, we partnered with some international brands to bring our Techzim community smartphones, tablets, VR headsets and other gadgets at reasonable prices in Zimbabwe. Through our Techzim Marketplace, readers can now access gadgets supplied through official reseller channels and that come backed with full warranty and after sales support. Here are some picks by our […]

Airtime Yese On Techzim: Stop Being Cheated By Tuckshops And Vendors

So it would appear my colleague covered this a while back but I did not pay much attention to it until it happened to me. So about a week ago my Telecel Mega Bundles expired and I wanted to renew them as I use them for WhatsApp, especially WhatsApp calling something I cannot do with […]

Follow-up On UK Company That Was Seeking Local Developers Earlier This Year- They Want More!

An 8 months check-in with Action Starter after their recruitment drive here on Techzim Earlier this year! So we shared opportunities for local developers to outsource their skills to companies in Europe a few times earlier this year. One of those companies is a UK based company called Action Starter which was founded by a […]

All You Need To Know About Dial A Delivery

We love some fast food. Well at least I know I do. Its a guilty pleasure and one that brings quite the satisfaction once indulged in. But we didn’t come all this way for food. Oh no, we want the tech that ticks behind the food. And in this episode it is the Dial A […]

Command Agriculture? Wait, Go To School First

I have a friend who used to run an Agritech startup. Of course it was another app to teach farmers and to organise them into digital communities for shared learning. There is quite a number of such apps in Zimbabwe. It only shows how big a problem lack of knowledge and experience is in our […]

Total Startupper. What Is It Really?

Let’s start off with a couple of figures. In Africa, the youth under 25 makes up 60% of the unemployed population. 35% of them are turning to entrepreneurship as a way of self employment. If you didn’t know, Techzim is a startup where 50% of the staff is under 25 and 100% of it is […]

Ever Wanted To Equip Yourself With Skills Fit For The Ever Changing ICT World? Here Is Your Chance.

Why? Long long back when African movies were the in-thing, most African Movies started with a narration usually in a deep voice that would say ” from the producers of such such a movie”  marketed and distributed by so and so the guys that brought you so and so. This was very tedious and we would […]

Wanna Upgrade Your Diploma To A Degree In 2 Years?

There is a good number of us who feel insecure in their places of work. We feel that we are inadequate and live in constant fear of being found out and outed for being the pretenders we think we are. Sadly, most of the time we have no reason to feel this way at all. […]

You May Think You Don’t Need Another Qualification But You Probably Do, Consider This One

Job search has become a nightmare these days. Mainly because most recruiters now require extra skills apart from industry specific skills. Sometime back I was chatting to  a lady from an elevator repairing company and she was looking for an engineer with a marketing background! Gone are the days of specializing in one field and […]

Is Energy Deregulation Actually Beneficial?

Energy deregulation has become a favourite topic over the past several years. Although the program is only implemented in some states, there are many other states considering switching to the deregulated system. Deregulation was developed to give consumers a choice when selecting an energy provider. There are plenty of arguments made for and against deregulation; […]

Tech Start Up Intelli Africa Solutions Offers FREE Chat Bots To Businesses

Local startup Intelli Africa Solutions (IAS) is offering FREE Conversational Chat Bots to Zimbabwean Corporates, SMEs and Government Bodies. Intelli Africa Solutions has also enabled its automated bot (IntelliBot) to allow visitors on its website  to donate towards The Cholera Fund through the Steward Bank Kanzatu-Nzatu National Cholera Crisis Fund.   What is a […]

You Don’t Need To Uproot Your Life To Get A Degree, ZOU Is Making It Even Easier For You

Let me start by quoting Julius Malema: You have been to school and there are no jobs, therefore education is useless. No, You are not getting an education because you want to be a teacher or an engineer, you are just expanding your knowledge and your understanding. Through those qualifications you can outmaneuver every situation…even […]

Diaspora Gets All The Good Stuff, Steward Bank Offers 0 Deposit Loans For Buying Or Building Homes Back Home

Every time we talk about the Seward Bank Diaspora Banking mortgages offer the deal will have changed, we almost can’t keep up! Usually when deals change they become worse. The classic case of this is of course how Darth Vader could change the deal on the fly. If you are unfortunate enough to know your […]

Drones Are Taking Over Africa And Zimbabwe Is Part Of The Story

Drones are quite an interesting piece of tech. They are that sort of technology that you don’t really value when it’s not there but when it does arrive you wonder how you even lived without it. Where It All Began Arguably these UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) kicked off their reputation in military applications as far […]

Square World, The One Stop Shop For Diasporians

A few years back, I witnessed my uncle taking medication for his Tuberculosis, The pills were so many, I was disturbed. Long after my uncle was gone, as I was conversing with my doctor friend, I discovered the pills had been consolidated, one had to take just one pill a day and they will be […]

Everyday Banking For Everyday People It Is.

“Everyday Banking for everyday people” is the Steward bank tagline that has caught our attention simply because Steward Bank has indeed become an everyday bank for everyone. How? How has Steward Bank become an everyday bank you may want to know? The answer is so simple apart from all products Steward Bank is offering the […]

$100 Million Loan Facility Available For Medical Practitioners And Other Healthcare Sector Players,From Steward Bank.

A refreshing ball of good news to all players in the healthcare industry, Steward Bank have just made a whooping $100 Million loan facility available to all healthcare industry players interested. The facility, code named Healthcare Fund is available as from today the 17th of August 2018. The announcement was made today by the steward […]

Some Headaches Can Be Resolved Simply By Engaging Experts!!

The Fall Of The 1990s Bus Operators Growing up we used to know many bus operators that plied many routes and we would see them everywhere because they were famous. Those bus operators just vanished off the roads and up to this day very few of them are still operational. Most of the old folk […]

Agribank’s Loans For Small Businesses Come With Support To Increase Likelihood Of Success For The Entrepreneur

Agribank is slowly changing it’s narrative and associated image from being just a bank for farmers (nothing wrong with that) to being a partner for small businesses. Access to (lack of) adequate funding remains one of the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face. Desperation often drives people into making deals with the devil loan sharks. Agribank […]

Who’s Watching Your Kids And Your Home While You’re At Work? Best You Do It Yourself, Here’s How

I am sure you have seen at least one of those videos, the ones of child minders abusing the kids they are supposed to take care of. I cringed when I saw one and I wondered why people would share such. Recently though I came to know of a story that made me think maybe […]

Microsoft 70-487: Preparation Guide For Certification Exam

General overview of Microsoft 70-487 exam Microsoft 70-487 exam is a highly sophisticated certification exam that has been planned for both experienced developers and non-experienced individuals with a minimum of 6 months’experience. After successfully passing this exam, the candidates are able to learn design services and its installation, development of Azure services. The candidates will […]