News platforms dominate Zimbabwe’s list of top 10 most visited local websites

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News platforms are the most popular websites locally

We recently published an article showing the top 10 websites visited by Zimbabweans according to the web insights outfit, Similarweb.

The results highlighted some interesting patterns on local internet habits and if you look at the top 50 sites you’ll also notice some trends around international platforms being more prominent than local ones.

That being said, we’ve also listed the top 10 most-visited local websites according to Similarweb which are;

1. Newsday (News and Media)
2. The Herald (News and Media)
3. The Daily News (News and Media)
4. Classifieds (online classifieds/shopping)
5. iHarare (News and Media)
6. Zimeye (News and Media)
7. NewsdzeZimbabwe (News and Media)
8. Nehanda Radio (News and Media)
9. NewZimbabwe (News and Media)
10. Bulawayo24 (News and Media)

With 9 out of 10 of the most popular local websites being news and media platform there’s a clear a trend.

The local online content that’s being created and viewed the most online is in the form of news. This could be due to factors that include a huge appetite for content as well as the dominance of major platforms that have dominated other categories like Facebook for social media and YouTube for video.

However, it also points to the opportunities that still exist for local developers to create solutions for Zimbabwe in all these other categories.

Areas like online retailing, education, financial services, gaming, sports, job searches and even domain specific information portals still need  local platforms that can come and fill a void, just like what Classifieds has managed to do.

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