Zimbabwean government acquires drones for use in fight against elephant poaching

Elephants in Zimbabwe, Hwange National Park, African Wildlife

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Efforts to fight poaching in Zimbabwe will now be aided by drone technology.

It’s been reported that in a recent address to parliament, Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (ZPWMA) board member mentioned the authority had bought two aerial drones as well as sniffer dogs which will be used in the fight against elephant poaching.


This development follows increased efforts by the wildlife authority to deal with the cases of poaching which have resulted in the death of dozens of elephants in some of Zimbabwe’s wildlife sanctuaries, especially the largest – Hwange National Park.

Due to their aerial advantage drones will allow the ZPWMA to monitor the vast stretches of conservation land more efficiently.

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Unmanned aerial vehicles (the formal name for drones)  have become increasingly prominent globally and in Zimbabwe, there has also been a rise in drone use, albeit by private individuals.

The government has already drafted a set of regulations for drone use which are still to be gazetted.

ZPWMA’s adoption of drone technology is probably not the first case for a state authority but its success will also help inform the adoption by other state entities such as the police.

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7 thoughts on “Zimbabwean government acquires drones for use in fight against elephant poaching

  1. Technology can indeed help in curbing crime in Zimbabwe. Drones can also be used in detecting cattle rustling which is now rampant in the country, especially in border areas of Matabeleland South such as Plumtree and Beitbridge.

  2. I’m hoping against hope its one of those predator type drones with massive loitering capabilities, but at this point, anything will be an improvement. Those rangers need every bit of help they can get.

  3. Technology can only extend the strong arm of law, we are yet to see any arrest of those who poisoned the elephants, some are caught at the airport with banned elephant hornes but are yet to see even the door of a law court.

  4. The depletion of our animal heritage is now fast-tracked by the introduction of these drone gadgets because the main poaching pool is drawn from the Government officials i.e. security sector and etc, this conclusion is drawn from the hard facts on the ground.
    I remain to be challenged.

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