NetOne pulls plug on its “The One” mobile data bundles, back to basics

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NetOne has put an end to its “The One” product/promotion.

In its short-lived lifespan, “The One” managed to capture the hearts and minds of subscribers across all networks.

So enticing of a product it was, just last week we handed NetOne the mobile data champions cup!

But in a surprise turn of events, NetOne pulled the plug on its product/promotion today.

Not to be confused with its One Fusion product, “The One” offered NetOne subscribers access to generous amounts of data at unbelievably low costs.

In our struggling and price-sensitive economy, they seemed to have got the winning formula more than right.

This is what NetOne was offering with The One:


Net One 60 Mb300 Mb1 Gb5 GbN/A


Net OneN/A150 Mb300 Mb 750 Mb 1,5 Gb


NetOne102 Mb210 Mb330 Mb550 Mb 1,1 Gb

This is what NetOne is offering now:

$10 285mb
$30 1Gb

When trying to access the bundle via NetOne’s menu (*171#) subscribers are notified that the bundles have been revised, and asked to confirm if they would still want to proceed.

netone bundle revision It is quite a dramatic u-turn on what could have been a hit product/promotion and will surely disappoint subscribers.

We are still in the process of gathering information as to why NetOne pulled the plug on it.

Possibly, the product/promotion was either financially ill-advised or ruffled the wrong feathers in the corridors of power.

Either way, it seems the mobile data bundle playing field has been leveled once again and order restored.

NetOne almost broke the internet with this one.











  1. netone

    what just happened, this is very disappointing. was loving the bundles.

  2. ngwenya

    Wz ready to use my econet line w a ndorindori n use netone on my lumia, t wz mo convenient. Bc to econet nw

  3. Frank

    Its a bit obvious the scared gvt did not like this promo in the hope of stifling the public voices across social media.

    Too bad if your time is up its up.

  4. KG

    Also from a business point of view you’d want to remove any distractions from One Fusion since you are spending a pretty penny on getting it out there.

  5. Langton

    Of course we all know who pulled the rug!

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