NetOne unveils generous daily and weekly data plans offers 5 GB for $5 with new bundles

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NetOne, the local mobile network operator has been feeling a bit generous these past few months.

After launching OneFusion,  a comprehensive services package (and clearly the best package in mobile services right now) and later tweaking it with additional data, the State owned operator has just unveiled a new data plan for daily, weekly and monthly bundles.

For a minimum of 50 cents subscribers can receive 50 MB of data, $1 gets 300 MB daily bundles, or 150 MB weekly with the biggest allocation being 5GB of data for a $5 daily bundle.


The bundles appear to be some form of reintroduction of the daily bundles that NetOne suspended last month, with some adjustments that include options for extended vailidity periods (weekly and monthly) as well as higher priced options.

The new bundles effectively square up against daily, weekly and monthly packages offered by NetOne’s biggest competitor, Econet Wireless.

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When paired with the OneFusion package these bundles are a great way to access a generous amount of data at a discount, something that day bundles have been popular for anyway.

However, on closer inspection some of the bundles are actually eclispsed by their bigger brother, OneFusion.

The premium bundle, set at $10 offers 1,1 GB worth of monthly data which isn’t much of sweet offer considering that for the same price OneFusion offers 800 MB of data long with unlimited WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter.

the same can be said for the $5 monthly bundle that has 550 MB of data which is easily outpaced by the OneFusion $5 package that has 300MB together with WhatsApp and Facebook access.

Then again, this could all just be structured to beat Econet’s own daily, weekly and monthly bundles that are way less generous.

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17 thoughts on “NetOne unveils generous daily and weekly data plans offers 5 GB for $5 with new bundles

  1. This is what I have been waiting for! I don’t care about voice calls, whatsapp or facebook bundles. What I wanted was discounted data bundles and that $5 for 5Gig is sweeeet if the speeds are fast enough.

  2. I got a dual Sim… Econet is my main line…. Netone is the one I use for calling and data…. I can’t belive in saying this but Netone is offering value for money and they network reception is excellent…. Surprisingly pleased

    1. Me too. I am getting $10 one fusion. If econet does note a fall in my usage and remedy it netone will continually get my money

  3. @Manfidza 300mb its for a day bundle but if you choose weekly bundle you will only get 150mb spread over a week ,and you will not have the 300mb

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