Econet’s EcoSure to re-launch as… EcoSure, but with more features

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Econet plans to re-launch its EcoSure product tomorrow morning in a launch we expect to be about introducing further product development that adds more value to the existing platform under a new theme “Come let us lighten your burden” from “Let us take away the burden”.


Ecosure, which has been relatively out of the limelight for some time, is a burial society service which has over 2,000 groups processing over 400 claims a month. The Ecosure concept is that people come together and form groups that contributed towards a fund that will eventually assist a member in the event of a funeral, the money is kept/managed in an EcoCash wallet and dispersed by EcoSure within 24 hours.

When we covered EcoSure back in 2014 we tabulated the product pricing for your convenience and on further investigation we found that the pricing has suprisingly stayed the same:

Funeral CoverSum AssuredPremium
EcoSure Lite$500$0.50
EcoSure Basic$1,000$1.00
EcoSure Standard$2,000$2.00
EcoSure Premium$5,000$5.00

We suspect that, on the back of Econet recent partnership with Mukuru, the EcoSure service may be opening up to remittances from the diaspora to allow family members outside the country to participate in the service by sending payments or money via Mukuru (this is just a possibility).

Nonetheless, we will be in attendance at the launch and will furnish you with more details tomorrow. We are really keen to see what EcoSure has to offer now, whenever we covered EcoSure we received so much feedback and comments with questions so we will take this opportunity to clarify all the confusion over the product.


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  1. raisom

    What happened to all the monies that were already invests by subscribers when this first came out , this is very shady

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