BREAKING NEWS: Dandemutande Acquires YoAfrica (PRESS RELEASE)

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YoAfrica, Yo Africa

Dandemutande Investments, one of Zimbabwe’s leading Broadband Internet Access Providers today announced that it had acquired YoAfrica, a leading Enterprise Service Provider in Zimbabwe. This acquisition combines the strength of YoAfrica with that of Dandemutande and allows the combined business to harness YoAfrica’s best-in-class technical expertise with Dandemutande’s market leadership, infrastructure and Pan African reach to provide enterprise customers a one-stop shop for all their connectivity requirements.

Speaking on the acquisition, Dandemutande CEO Nhena Nyagura said, “We are excited about this development. Our combined culture represented by a strong customer focus, reliable service and product excellence will ensure that our customers receive the best in class service. The combined business now possesses a market leading talent pool coupled with a formidable mix of solutions and services that will translate into dynamic growth for Dandemutande.”



  1. james

    im not sure if this is a good or bad thing that we’ve just read about. LOL

  2. Macd Chip

    “…YoAfrica’s best-in-class technical expertise…”

    That statement needs to be revisited, having worked with YoAfrica during my nightmares of trying to sort my internet connection, l cannot call them expertise at all.

    They definately have a lot of sales guys being presented as engineers! I can challenge both YoAfrica and Utande to prove me wrong.

    This deal is good for YoAfrica shareholders who were starring at crumbling company with a infrastructure no one was going to buy. But as for Dandemutande lm not sure. They will have access to some of its base stations, a bit of fibre in and around the city maybe, thats all.

    Considering that Utande was struggling to give me WiMax and l live less than 3km from their HQ, this might be another way for them to exand their base station portifolio and reach a bit wider areas than they had before this.

    1. tinm@n

      You should also know that Dandemtande purchased iWayAfrica, formerly MWeb…and therefore it’s infrastructural assets are not as small as you think.

    2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      I agree with you Macd… I moved to international hosting after having a slew of problems uploading files to my web hosts. Besides that, YoAfrica’s hosting prices haven’t fallen since 2012 yet global internet and hardware/infrastructure costs have fallen a lot since. After your money has been collected, service delivery is poor…

      1. Bethel Goka

        I agree with Imi Vanhu Musadaro, Yo Africa’s hosting and service is horrible. I had to move a client to an international web hosting website after a litany of disappointments. Let’s hope Dandemutande can help improve those areas by a revision of organisational culture and improved service

  3. mwanamwana

    speculation once again, is Dandemutande venturing into the FTTx arena. If so i would say welcome to them and good luck. I wonder though, if YoAfrica has wimax could they use that spectrum to build an LTE network?

  4. Nurv

    How’s things?, sometimes I get a 500 website message when I view this page. Just a heads up, best wishes

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