Pictures of the Bond Notes arriving at Harare International Airport

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We have just received images of what our sources claim to be the Bond Notes arriving at the Harare International Airport. Our sources say the notes arrived early Saturday morning and were quickly offloaded and driven off site by armored vehicles. whatsapp-image-2016-11-27-at-10-24

The plane has a clearly visible logo, Cavok Air, which is a Ukranian cargo chartered flight company specializing in transporting high-value goods. Some of the services Cavok Air provides include:

  • Air cargo transportation
  • DG and special cargo transportation
  • Cargo charter operations with 24H flight watch
  • Planning and flight support
  • Obtaining diplomatic and special permits


The images also show heavy military presence as the plane’s cargo is offloaded into armored vehicles. There is still no evidence of the actual origin of the Bond Note (who printed them), being chartered in by a Ukranian airline company does not mean they were printed in Ukraine, however, we cannot completely disregard the possibility they were.

We wonder if the bond notes that arrived this weekend will make it to all the corners of the country for distribution come Monday, 28 November.

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  1. Anonymous

    They shouldn’t have bothered with the armed guard noone wants bond notes lol

    1. Pamuromo

      The armed guard was not to protect the bond notes per se, noone is gonna steal them as noone wants tgem. It was to make sure that nobody counted the 1,7 billion dollars worth of bond notes in the plane

    2. T@kay

      I do want the notes —u don’t have to decide for every1 dude

    3. fiend

      Speak for yourselves!

      I’d love to burn them

  2. Macd Chip

    Seriously Batsirai!! This is the best a tech paper can do? Then somewhere in your offices or meetings you guys agreed that you were so smart and highly experts you wanted to start charging people to read techzim.

    Your lack of reasoning is putting this paper at worse place. This is not tech news at all.
    But let me entertain your rubbish and agree that the plane was carrying high value goods( by the way, everything high value is mostly transported by planes)

    Let me also agree that there is armoured vehicles and soldiers(which is not visible here – if you have been to airport waiting to board, those pple and tractor are always there loading and unloading planes)

    And lastly, let me also agree that it was money, but now…..

    Where in that picture does it say bond notes. How is your source so sure that was bond notes in that plane?
    It can be money, but what if its real US dollars for Western Union to distribute to its branches country wide?

    Stick to technology news not these gossip from someone who is excited or bored in terminal 1. Clearly your source do not work at the airport because he or she was taking pictures from the standard waiting area.

    1. Tapiwa✓

      You don’t have to read each and every TechZim article that is published. The headline is accurate, so you knew exactly what the article was about and yet you read it anyway. Your personal attack (“lack of reasoning”) is uncalled for.

      After providing half-hearted rebuttals, you conceded that it the plane’s cargo is likely to be notes. Then, with the full knowledge of what’s been happening is Zimbabwe lately, you proceeded to suggest (while chuckling, I presume) that instead of bond notes, the plane was laden with US dollars.

      1. Macd Chip

        You sound like the source! I said lets say that l agree(ngatitii ndabvumirana…), NOT that lm agreeing with his rubbish!! And his source looks like Mugrade 7 on facebook.

        How is the heading accurate by the way, maybe lm missing something.

        Nyatsondiudza nerwamai kuti ndinyatsonzwisisa!

        Rubbish is rubbish wether l read every article on techzim or not and his rubbish is not even technical at all.

        You seem not to understand that a lot of US dollars are transported into Zim everyday by those type of cargo planes.

        1. Tapiwa✓

          Chitaura tinzwe zvema US dollar, bond riya rakadzikiswa ndege ravapo pa market.

  3. Tafy

    Like really who would waste their time stealing worthless paper?

  4. Allaz

    So the ONLY REASON for you to speculate that the plane was carrying bond notes is the fact that Cavok Air specialises in high value good right? But you do realise that Zim exports diamond right? And we DON’T print us dollars so it could be just another consignments of those? Saka inini if I go down town tomorrow and start taking pictures of cash-in-transit cars around town I can whatsapp them to you ndichiti aaah mune ma bond notes hanti? C’mon guys – C’MON!

  5. Haha

    Hahaha…. thought they could charge…. Please make a follow up article on why it failed…. Lmao

  6. Click bait

    For a site that has hacks to make everything cheap and free…. You thought you could charge….. You should be making enough from the ads of this article…. Which by the way has not concrete facts just speculation…. Clickbait

  7. Goremusandu

    Rubish,,bond notes for what nxaaaa

  8. Tasa

    Nothing is going to change

  9. mr tee

    Bond rinoita guys

  10. Mhofu

    Though u are dissing techzim for this but ibond note harozve rauya chero mukaramba….
    Dai vazongotsvakawo route yauya nendege yacho maybe zvaibatsira….

  11. Engines

    The tail reg number seems to end with an “L”and the only plane amongst the CAVOK fleet with such a number is registered as UR CKL. The plane took off from Ukraine on the 24th of Nov to Belgrade, Serbia. Plane then took off from Belgrade on 25 Nov to some unknown destination and the free online trackers show its last position somewhere in the Mediterranean sea making a final approach towards some Greece islands at around 1343UTC. The next siting was supposedly on the 26th at Harare International Airport. Judging from the above, it may seem possible the notes, if it was them, were originated in either Ukraine itself or likely Serbia.

  12. Mr Munaku

    Some people are really becoming annoying know it all trolls here. Most articles never claim to be from 100% reliable sources but rather from the community. They never hide this fact. The purpose of comments is for us to discuss the issues raised and not blindly critique. Any active internet user knows that most articles on blogs actually get +50% of their value from the comments section. Here is an idea if u have nothing to add….. move on. U are getting very annoying and your language is bordering on valgur and offensive

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