Run out of space on your phone? Here is a free UNLIMITED backup service for all your photos and videos you should probably try it out!

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Every year smartphone companies release new and improved versions of devices. From the top, mid and low range devices improvements are made on all device hardware and software.

One main feature that tends to make or break the market uptake of a device is the smartphone’s camera and the quality of images it takes but with each improvement made on camera image quality comes one major headache, storage space.

As an iPhone user, this headache is amplified with the measly 5GB “free” storage space iCloud provides to back up all my photos, videos, documents, application data, emails, and the list goes on. To add insult to injury iPhone packs in arguably the best camera in the industry which create brilliant images that can take up to 10mb of space each, by the end of a wedding you can easily take up to 500mb of images and video.

iCloud does offer larger cloud storage options but it comes at a cost I am neither prepared or willing to pay and I know Android users share similar issues but won’t be upfront about it.

I reached a tipping point a few weeks back when my 64GB device notified me it was full. I had to find a solution that not only catered for the current media on my device but all the media I had gathered in years of owning a smartphone. Nowadays I consider cloud storage as my primary option, as someone who has lost countless memory sticks dropped hard drives and had laptops stolen I recommend cloud storage as the safest and easiest way to store your documents and memories.

After looking through all the options available on the internet I settled on familiar ground with Google Photos and haven’t looked back since. Google photos offer a familiar interface with easy to use functions and features and to top it off, free UNLIMITED photo and video backup. Google photos allow you to select an option to upload all your images to its cloud service with the only drawback being it first compresses some images, making it lose some but not a significant amount of its quality.

So far I have uploaded over 40GB of images, I am literally throwing everything I find into it with some pictures dating back to high school in 200… So there is no longer need to delete your pictures, you can simply back them up to Google Photos (even the ugly ones) for safe keeping. Now, every week I make sure I back up the week’s media and clear my device starting my week with a clean slate.

One drawback, however, is the massive amount of data uploading images to cloud services consume. Please be advises that if your wifi data is capped it’s probably not the smartest thing to do. You will probably have to do the “old-school” method of drag and drop to a PC folder until you have access to unlimited wifi where you can throw everything to the cloud.

I only wrote this because I’ve always had this conversation with iPhone users, especially on the limitations of iCloud. But this option is open to everyone on Android and iOS. Unfortunately, it is not yet available on Windows Mobile.

So try it out and save yourself the headache of figuring out storage or the pain of losing all your memories!


  1. Beaton Nyamapanda

    Google Photos unlimited option has been out for sometime now (more than a year). It really is a life saver if you have a lot of photos. For the small price of rezising by Google Photos, you can upload as many photos as you like without eating into Google Drive/Gmail storage quota.

    Personally i have uploaded my whole photo collection from my laptop which ran into over 300GB of photos. Maybe one other thing that you left out in the article is the ability to sync from your computer (and devices) from the Google Photos Desktop app. Another thing is after the photos are uploaded is they are arranged by date and searchable using keywords. For example if you search for beach photos, Google Photos will return to you photos where they are beaches in the photos. Pretty cool actually.

  2. Macd Chip

    What happened to login first to read or comment?

    1. Keith

      Login first to read or comment is for specialised content.

      1. Macd Chip

        Surely talking about skype cannot be considered specialised, and promoting it as the best option is a bit mischievious

  3. Doja

    Good topic. Albeit a tad outdated. Google photos has been around for a while with free storage. You don’t lose quality if your camera is 12mp and below. The iPhone certainly doesn’t possess the best cameras. Not since 2013 anyway. The Galaxy S7/edge, Nexus 6p, HTC 10 and the Google Pixel XL are far ahead. Tried and tested in very many conditions and the iPhone can’t hold its own. Just don’t want people misinformed on believing a biased post.

    1. Batsirai Chikadaya

      I guess even when you say “arguably the best camera” you are being biased:(

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