Can’t use EcoCash/Telecash for your DStv payments? – here are 3 other options (update)

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Brainworks, Mobile Money services in Zimbabwe

EcoCash will no longer be supporting payments for pay TV service DStv starting from the 1st of January 2017.

Considering how widespread EcoCash is (it’s the most widespread e-payment channel in Zimbabwe) this is going clearly to affect a lot of subscribers.

It doesn’t mean you have to go to the bank straight away, though. There are other options for electronic payments that are active right now. We’ve listed some of them below.

Direct online payment using VISA or MasterCard

DStv introduced this in December 2016 as an online self-service portal that deals with payments and also lets you handle other issues like clearing decoder errors, switching bouquets and checking on your account.

You need a VISA or MasterCard and since this can be used by people outside Zimbabwe this option can be used to pay for accounts in other countries (South Africa isn’t included).

To access it you log on to

Your bank’s app or online service


Ever since the cash crisis nudged banks to embrace e-services there has been a scramble for online banking services and mobile apps that offer account holders the option to handle most of their banking remotely.

One common feature is the option to pay bills with DStv listed as a common utility, something that will thankfully save you the need to queue just to pay for TV.

You can check for your bank’s app in the respective app store or contact your bank directly if they haven’t reached out to you already.

Telecash and GetCash

Brainworks, Mobile Money services in Zimbabwe

These two work essentially like EcoCash – mobile money services with USSD codes for payments plus supporting mobile apps. Update (27 Feb 2017) The Telecash option is no longer available.

One thing to note, though, is that this similarity means they could be suspended as well. Whatever challenges EcoCash faced in handling the DStv payments could affect these two services. For now, you can tap into them.

What other e-payment options are you using for your DStv subs? Please share in the comments below. 


  1. Liberty Dandira

    You can generate an Ecocash VCN MasterCard and pay online.

    1. Nigel Gambanga

      Yes, that’s essentially an Ecocash “workaround” of sorts. Not sure if the DStv payments will be supported there in the long term, though.

  2. Nchids

    Does this support payment for SA accounts Though?

    1. Moses

      For south african accounts you can download an app called Payspot and sign up then link your mastercard or visa to it and pay in the comfort of your home

    2. Nigel Gambanga

      @Nchids not directly, no. The option mentioned by Moses sounds like your best bet.

  3. Sa decoder

    Thanks Moses. Will try your workaround.

  4. YES

    Moses can i use that method to pay South African DSTV Account.

    1. Moses

      Yes payspot really works, i use it all the time

  5. purple

    So can i also use the ecocash mastercard vcn on the dstv portal? Wanna know b4 i waste 50c on a card number

  6. Eunice

    I was sent a message yu can nw pay subscription using ecocash rand wallet is it true

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