Liquid Telecom acquires Tanzanian internet provider Raha, extends African retail internet ambitions

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Liquid Telecom, the Pan-African carrier and subsidiary of the Econet Wireless Group has acquired a controlling stake in Tanzanian internet service provider Raha.

Raha is one of Tanzania’s largest ISP providing fibre, satellite, WiMAX and WiFi solutions to over 1500 businesses and a segment of retail customers

The acquisition is expected to provide Liquid Telecom’s enterprise and wholesale customers with better access to Tanzania and to the entire East and Central African region. Liquid already has a significant presence in the region as well as Southern Africa through an extensive terrestrial fibre footprint.

According to Liquid Telecom, this fibre extends over 40,000 km across 12 countries that also include Zimbabwe.

In some of these countries, Liquid has also established a stronger presence in retail internet service provision through partnerships and acquisitions in internet providers like ZOL (Zimbabwe) and Hai (a retail internet brand in Zambia and Kenya) as well as strategic acquisitions like its successful bid for Neotel in South Africa.


  1. Macd Chip

    That is the way to go Liquid!

    I read from somewhere that they also started laying 10 000km undersea fibre connecting Africa to Europe and Asia.
    Its unfortunate we have ministers here who are ill-informed and will end up looking like they are doing a witch hunt everytime they open their mouth.

  2. drey

    its a delight to see a prospering African establishment. If only other companies, in other sectors could emulate such epic undertakings we would go far.

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