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Ministry of Education’s online enrolment system for Form 1 places goes live – here’s how to use it

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We recently wrote about the controversial online school enrolment system that Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Education developed as a way of automating the application process for securing boarding places for Form 1.

The system, which will gather details of applicants and match them to available schools based on three choices, is now live. The Ministry has started sharing details of the system and how to use it.

It can be accessed on

According to information on the use of the system which has been shared today (10 December 2016) parents and guardians who are applying for boarding school places (through the system) should apply over the next 3 days. They will receive feedback via SMS by Monday 12 December 2016.

Those who are applying for day school places must proceed to their local schools on Monday 12 December 2016 to register.

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How to apply using the eMAP system

The first stage is creating an account

  1. Go to the website
  2. On the home page (the screen that the link takes you to) click on the link close to the bottom of the page that says If you do not have an account please Sign Up Here…
  3. In the respective fields enter the centre number, candidate number and date of birth using the details written on the pupil’s result slip.
  4. There is a section that says Please confirm if you have been cleared by your former school. Select Yes on that section.
  5. Click on the Next button
  6. On the next form, you will need to fill in the fields for your mobile number, email (it’s listed as an optional field), password of your choice, and confirm password.
  7. Select the Register option
  8. Click on the Sign In tab to get back to the page for signing in to your new account via the link provided

The second stage is for applying for a place

  1. Go to the home page
  2. In the respective fields Enter Centre number, Candidate number and Password
  3. Click on the Sign In button
  4. When you get to the following page choose Apply for Form 1 Place
  5. Click the Select Province tab and select the province for your first option
  6. Click on the Select District and pick a district for your option
  7. On the list of boarding schools in that district that appears you can then choose the school you want
  8. Click on Apply
  9. Follow the same steps for province, district and school for the two other schools you want

You can follow up on your applications by clicking on Check Status of Application.

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334 thoughts on “Ministry of Education’s online enrolment system for Form 1 places goes live – here’s how to use it

  1. Have applied successfully, but encountered challenges on Chrome, saying I have already applied for 3 places the moment I try to tick a school… switched to IE (not Edge) and proceeded fine. If it give error that you have applied for 3 places before you finish, log off and on again, and try until all three schools are done.

      1. this online registration is very frustrating. i applied and was accepted by certain school but cant afford the fees. i then tried to re apply the system is not allowing me to chose another school since the schools were not disclosing their fees when we made an efforts of physically visited

      1. hie, failing to making a new account, it says i have already created one
        and yet i can not sign in because i forgot the passwords

  2. Been trying to register since 4pm but system seems to be congested or Dokora is at it again playing with our minds. Tipoo ma serious please. Looks like its a way of making money for corrupt officials.

    1. This system is not working . Can this Dofora minister do something coz time is not on our side. I think he is a typical dofo

    1. Gamuchirai tell us how you wrote tge date of birth coz it keeps on saying yu cud hv nade an error and i cant proceed

  3. i think the system is better than travelling to 3 different schools around the country just that school fees must be published so that pa choice of school uno chooser zvikoro zvauri kuona kuti unoafforder

  4. I have been online for the past 3hours trying to connect, but whoops I have failed. is this the process and procedure? old grannies who are guardians of these orphans who are in the middle of some rural areas do they have access and the required resources and skills to apply online?. who will protect the poor the vulnerable children?

    1. i do have all the access with me but i actually failed to get through the process ,i just dont understand mr dokoras ideology to bring such advanced technology from the third world comparing zimbabwe and britain .somethings need to be considered properly and provide full awareness to the people.this is a fatal blow to the less privileged group as well as the elite.look now the website is down what next?

      1. I think Mr Dokora has a problem .We have to consider if everyone is suitable with the system Kwete Kungoti Tirikupedza corruption

        1. As Zim are we really at a stage where we can use such a system?The majority of our pole either leave in rural areas,are computer illiterate, or can’t even afford charges associated with internet use.Boarding schools are now for the elite,.. how about that gifted child out there in Halisupi,Madlambuzi,Lupane etc…

  5. I have been trying to signup but the system keeps on telling me to capture properly the date of birth. Can someone advise the required format. I tried various formats.

  6. If this was well publish and current school fees published, this is a simple and easy way unlike travelling to 3+ schools around the country.

  7. The date of birth on the result slip is’nt correct and i’m facing challenges in applyng . whn i put the correct date stil it isnt working

  8. Been on the computer for the past 3 hours with no success. I think the system is congested and may those responsible do something. Time is not on our side

    1. Advice…Dont use Opera Mini if Applying using a phone…it get you nowhere bt jst an error message…use Google Chrome

  9. I have only selected two schools and the system is indicating that I have already chosen three schools and yet it is displaying only two. Therevis need to stress-test this system before rushing out to get the glory. Noble ideas such as this are frowned upon if such obvious errors are not detected.

  10. I have only selected two schools and the system is indicating that I have already chosen three schools and yet it is displaying only two. There is need to stress-test this system before rushing out to get the glory. Noble ideas such as this are frowned upon if such obvious errors are not detected.

  11. have been trying to sign up since 6pm, without any success. i keep getting the message ‘candidature not found’. i am using the information as is written in the results slip. i need help please!!!!

  12. “your details could not be found please ensure that you have put correct details”. thus all i am getting

  13. I’ve filled in the correct details bt still keeping on asking for correct details or it says your account does not exist. Tipeiwo maserious.

    1. Am also tired of this system since Saturday it keeps on saying Web page not available eish this is disgusting.

    1. i guess you should have added the de registration part because when you find you cannot afford the fees then you de register so as to re apply elsewhwere. right now i am failing to reapply because of failing to deregister the third school Milton

  14. the system is not reliable and the effectiveness is compromised. still more not everybody has the access to internet, is there option B?

  15. the system is not working guys what should we do please help its stating the information is incorrect

  16. please help the system is not giving us enough information is keeping on saying incorrect since last night

  17. I have been trying to register since last evening without success. You put in the district and the system just freezes!!!

  18. I am using a smartphone to apply and its very challenging. I wanted Sandringham as my first choice and already the form is confirming I have applied to mutukwa which has no place either. now I successfully applied for gokomere and its successful. unfortunately I am no longer able to cancel mutukwa to choose another school. again the form is confirming I have applied for three schools yet only two schools gokomere and mutukwa are reflected. automatically it means my child will wait for gokomere and iam unable to select for other schools because of the system. how can u help coz I wanted Sandringham, Gokomere and Guinea fowl.

  19. i have tried to sign up since yesterday bt havasi kuona madetails sometyms inoramba iciti confirm i m so stressed

  20. I had to do for my sister from abroad as she was losing money which is already scarce for her. She is trying to do the best for her kids with the least she has living on hand to mouth. The system is supposed to be less than a minute but it took me an hour to eventually complete the form. The format of date of birth is not as indicated. It wants the month first then date then year. Otherwise for those who have access to internet and who are computer literate it is a good idea. There should be a supporting system for those in very remote areas and elderly people. Surely Dokora is not expecting everyone in Zimbabwe to have access to such gadgets unless he is in his own world.

  21. we selected 3 schools and these ticks were in order of preference and did not tick them one by one.after ticking the 3 we then ticked the apply section but when we checked the status our third choice came out first and our first came out can you rectify this problem before the deadline.

  22. The problem with most local coders is that they do not test run their apps before going live.

  23. Thank you the system really saves parents from moving from one place to another with these current cash shortages we have been save

  24. After a struggle i have successful applied, i applied in 2 schools and it said i have reached the maximum, i logged-out and started afresh and i was successful, now am waiting for the reply tomorrow 12 December Monday.

  25. i have been trying for the last 2hours in south Africa it says the site is site is out of reach . The system is difficult to use. can they perfect it before they can implement it.

  26. i have been tying this since yesterday and its keep on saying this site cannot be reached pliz help

  27. I have successgully applied but the challenge is the day schoolars are going to register tomorrow whilst I am waiting for a response that might not be favourable and this might result in my child missing school since these day schools will be full by midday. Is the ministry going to accommodate all those that have applied. if someone who failed Grade seven is awarded St Ignatius what is going to happen because the system is not asking for the results. Who is responsible for choosing the schools for our children , is the Headmaster involved or what

    1. i guess the schools can access the results by using the candidate numbers and center number

  28. Please help I have been trying to apply sjnce 9am first it date of birth second its continually timing out now its I am not permitted to access this website and some server configurations

  29. I now have a password but on the second stage to put in centre no/ and candidate no/ and signin is not opening so what now pls honourable MINISTER, I keep on clicking but not opening. pls makesure this link available for a while

  30. It seams website is experiencing some challenges. I suggest we meanwhile revert to the old skull. Since it’s the first time around, there is hope for improvement.


    You don’t have permission to access /Form1Enrol/index.php on this server.

    Apache/2.4.9 (Win64) Server at Port 80

  31. I have been trying since 1230 and I am getting the message below:

    You don’t have permission to access /Form1Enrol/candidature.php on this server.
    Apache/2.4.9 (Win64) Server at Port 80

    Cde minister, on the way forward

  32. Amazing stuff. Who ever provided this solution didnt think things through. How do you launch a production server to handle more than 350,000 applications on a wampserver on a windows PC.

  33. Guys, this new system of form one enrolment is giving parents a hail of problems. Dokora should find another plan B which works for all of us. We have spent the whole day in town for a system which is rejecting us. How can a personal with normal senses introduce a system without proper infrastructure. We are being blocked from opening the emap. What do we do next nhai vaDokora. Is Dokora really sure that schools are corrupt in relation to form one enrolment? This is not true. Corruption irikutoitwa kumusoro ikoko zvichitanga naiye. What is he tryng to achieve here, wasting our time for nothing. nxaaaaaa

  34. Initially the proposed date of enrolling online was 16 December 2016 and just yesterday a message on whats app went round that applications were to be done on 10 -11 December 2016 and replies from schools on 12 December 2016. Please what is going on here, is someone playing with us here? On trying to access the emap web page, hey, the process can’t complete. I slept at 0230hrs till my phone battery went dead and there was no zesa. Today I tried again but the web page is now forbidden, so what’s this manje? Can someone please from Ministry of Education clarify things here. We are even more confused given that in the first place the proposed date was 16 December, now this!

  35. This system is frustrating I tell you.Ihve been trying since 9am uoto nw 2pm.Forbidden is all I get.What do we do.

  36. from 08:30 I have been trying to create my account but could go through this stage. now its 14:00hrs and its telling I am forbidden to access this web page. C an those in charge please explain The time you are claiming to be serving is being wasted on the machine Technology does not behave like this Guys we are still miles behind Development

  37. We have been trying to login and the system is saying you are fobbidetn from the page what should l do

  38. I applied using a smart phone but the problem is i cant access where,ican select schools which i want to choose sorry your form.end where i wrote province only please rectify network system

    1. A friend managed to apply but got two out of three choices wrong! What can I do as I can’t seem to be able to delete application. I tried to create another account but system won’t let me as “someone with the same details has already registered”
      Whats the way foward? Help!

  39. this system has totally failed us, Forbidden and you don’t have permission to access this server is all am getting

  40. guys so does it mean we ain’t going to do the application process since the system is sayin 403 forbidden????????

    1. Sadly yes @lisa. Until the website developer sorts this out the website will not be accessible.

  41. cant access the link

    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.
    Apache/2.4.9 (Win64) Server at Port 80

  42. system yacrusher i think because of the pressure davakaisa enough time like a week or zvatanga 2017 for 2018. This year nothing else to do wotogarira kutsva a place for

    form 1 yakosheyi.

  43. This system does nt work at al,i think it was timed bt hw come they did not inform us,initially it was 16 and suddenly th dates changed to 11 nd 12,i think somebody somewhere s nt doing his work r pane variktoda zvavo ktodya mari dzevanhu

  44. How are you?The website is saying


    You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

    Apache/2.4.9 (Win64) Server at Port 80”

    I can’t access it

  45. so if you are not on whats up mwana atosara here enrolment Mr Dokoro it seem ndoyatove means of communication paRadio pataiziva… kana uri kwaTsambe wodiiyiko ….and you say helping the marginalised… i do think so

  46. Simple steps to follow. Jus make sure u use the simple browsers coz they will load all the pages. Did it on my smart fon. Use the browser app and u wil have no problem. Welcome to the 21st century where everything goes electronic

  47. This is a technical problem.Not your fault.Its not about timing.
    Most probably its the hosting which its restricting access either because the web manager has intentionally laid down the system for development purposes (though it should say “website under development in that case”) or whoever is responsible for the website hosting services payments didnt pay the company.

  48. hazvishane zvinhu zvenyu makadyirwa mari nevanhu vechisystem chenyu ichi ngwarai please vaDOKORA

  49. Why does it look like we are being punished, the sysem is not working and l wonder Dokora do rely care.

  50. l HV been successful in applying or so l think for all three schools …but l HV checked my application status and it says “pending”is DAT how it is supposed to be ? wat does the pending intell DAT l am now waiting for an answer from the schools or was there an error in my application

  51. l now have a headache l have been glaring on my cellphone since morning l cant get through. l am tired now

  52. hey guys is there anyone who has managed to register after reaching where it said forbidden help i am stuck and if anyone also knows what a cached copy is i’m literally confused

  53. Im in mutare… since yesterday couldnt get thru…. plz make a convinient way of registering.. didnt sleep to no avail… by 8 am was at an internet cafe it was packed but no1 managed to register….cant we come and apply at ministry of education offices?? Help us plz this is not working… thank you…

  54. where are the administrators nhai no one to supervise the process how can you expect mugrade seven wese in zimbabwe to register in a space of two days system inoto crasher zve..worse comunication hapana truth is maserver edu muzimbabwe haasat akuzvikwanisa izvozvo. ngavatigadzirire system yavo since morning tichingozama we are tired

  55. stakeholders involvement shld have solved difficuties we are facing not from top to bottom approach

  56. Ndashaya shumo yazvo ini… aaah haaya , not even mobolised kuchichashanda sei, not even a option to change , not even known kuti netwrk yacho how good is it, saka vana sekuru nanambuya vanorera nherera vanozvigona here izvi, ?, ko handiti chinotanga its infrastructer, kwete kungomuka wakarumira mugear sebhazi rashushine , kwati ndizvo zviripo, ko dai makataura a month before and the u see how parents like it, or u shld have mobilesed first !!

  57. iye dokora ndiye akanyora code iyi hanty? cos iri kukundikaba kunge proposal yemauniform kumateacher.

  58. this is merely torture in our democratic country,how can one take 4 to 6 hours just to register three schools and one cannot even make corrections to whatever mistake made,The system is not friendly at all as it keeps you stuck with no success.Will the developer do something about the system

  59. The website can not be accessed. Hazviiti izvi zvakanonoka, lets try this next year. Applications should be done before results are out

  60. Technology is good but the timing was very wrong. Parents should have supplied three schools of their choice upon completion of the grade 7 exams and have them posted to Zimsec. Upon release of examination results Zimsec was supposed to publish schools and names of people with places for form one at those schools. In terms of internet Zimbabwe we are still far behind. Feel for our rural folks and very old guardians. ChiSystem charwadza vanhu ichi.

  61. i am confused now ,deadline is tomorrow yet i could not make an progress on applying because of the system which keeps freezing on one stage.can someone help me what next.

  62. This is progress, intentions very good/noble. lets support the ministry, it had become a nightmare to get a form one place year in year out (as we speak some schools that had become used to this corrupt practice vakatodya mari dzevanhu despite ministry’s directive e.g Regina Mundi Gweru, Howard kuChiweshe among others. We are with u Minister. let’s be patient and work with e ministry to improve e system. remember schools only open in january. Viva Minister, Zvasiyana (hamulume this year)!

    1. dude i cnt see hw this cld posibly be noble? have u tried the system or read the comments? Aghhhh come on bro this is total havoc

  63. Zvazviri kunzi system inenge yacrasher … Does it means vaya vanzi successful and pending maapplications avaita abva afira mumhepo so vototangidza zvakare. Worried

  64. this was not a bad idea, but l think they used a poor syste. i suspect it has crushed cant open page

  65. been trying this online thing since friday but i cant access through, be serious im at ministry of education dont try things tyhat will disadvantage our children

  66. I think the system/server is failing to handle the number of requests it is getting.I couldn’t apply for my child.Is there an alternative way?

  67. Starting next year (2017) we have made life easy for parents. Schools can start using our Integrated School Mgt System, applying for a school place will be super easy from ECD to Form 6. Manage all your children educational records from a Single Sign-On and apply as many schools as you want as long as they are registered with us. Check us out

    1. keep trying, i finally succeeded to register after 10 hours of trying, then it took me another 14 hours of attempting to apply to do so, hope fully it registered because when i try to check m informed have not made any application

  68. unevana 2 u are unable to open 2 windows to do 2 separate applications otherwise it switches infor or in other words it mixes up infor between the applicants pliz rectify the system.
    eish its a painfull process been trying since 3AM up to now eish ma1 i think we shud have been given moretime

  69. please help.l have twins and one has been successfully registered but the other one is saying ” Provided details are already in use, please ensure the information you entered is correct…” have tried changing all information bt zvikuramba. 0775010912. please help me

  70. I cant access it and it is saying PROVIDED DETAILS ARE ALREADY IN USE but i cant sign in, neither does it allow me to open new account nor edit details. Now dont know wat to do. Had bn awake almost the whole night tryinv the thing. HELP PLIZ

  71. This system is not user friendlyto say the least. I spent a total of 9 hours trying to apply invain untill I engaged an IT technician who was schooled in the UK to assist. The only answer he gave me after trying to access the website half a minute was ‘wrong website development and design’. Too bad for our country.

  72. since Saturday up to today l cant, what do l do now. its either its saying Cant reach this page or its forbidden.

  73. Wrong website development and design, yall giving each other jobs instead of hiring the rightful candidate

  74. close down that automating system,its pathetic to use especially old age.are you insane you can’t enrole 24 thousand boarding student at this period of time,of your deadline.and how many of us are using social networks activity.isu vamwe hatina ma cellphone kana laptops.tino ita sign sei?answer us pliz minister

    1. This system think is not right received a reply on my third choice so does that mean that i wont b able to b considered on my first choice since the head is saying they are still clueless as to what to do

  75. since morning i have been on internet. no luck. is the program being extended. ndatambura ini. ndigodii nemwana

  76. vamwe tichaita problem yes fees tawana kuma schools anodura tichifunga kuti arinani. this system was suppose to show fees structure and option to cancel and is not showing all schools

  77. are they any high school heads to tell us when iz e deadline and when are they replying us and how they are selecting students

  78. whilst it is good to embrace new technology, I don’t think this emap has been introduced at the right. This thing is harassing us. I have been trying it since morning but hapana chabuda. ndiyo inonzi harassment iyi kana revi chaiyo kuvabereki.

  79. This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall

  80. im only seeing the nformation now.Schools had said we should come on20/12/2016.How then can i be assisted? SOS???????????????

  81. This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall

    beeen getting this response for ages since 0700hrs .noble idea but eishhhh

  82. im only seeing the Information now.Schools had said we should come on20/12/2016.How then can i be assisted? SOS???????????????

  83. hoping all will be k coz this wil kill corruption and to cut travelling expenses. one needs to be very patient with the system, I think its congested but functional

  84. CDE DOKORA keep your boarding place I have given up.
    This page can’t be displayed

    •Make sure the web address is correct.
    •Look for the page with your search engine.
    •Refresh the page in a few minutes.

  85. this will definitely kill corruption and cuts travelling expenses. one needs to be very patient with the system, I think its congested but functional

  86. THIS SYSTEM IS MORE DOWN THAN UP, after finally registering Sunday at 2042 the whole day till mid-morning Monday i was being informed that the account does not exist, it doe not allow me to use my email for my other child so how does a parent register twins.
    Rechecking now it informs me that i have not made any application for the first child.
    This thing is going to give a few parents stress or High blood pressure

    THEN ONE QUESTION ACCORDING TO YESTERDAYS SUNDAY MAIL the honorable minister informed the nation that registration will start on the 16th, oooooh how honorable is that

  87. What kind of a system wld take you 9 hours to make an application!!!! The experience is so traumatising. Now that i have successfully applied, God knows how long it will take to get a response, if ever it comes.

    @ wejena-try using Firefox

  88. This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
    Checking the connection
    Checking the proxy and the firewall
    Have been trying with no success…wonder this is genuine????.

  89. I am failing to check application status. I have been waiting for SMS all day but nothing came through.

  90. Can the responsible authorities clear this mess , we applied using the emap platform but nothing is materialising.This is now a national crisis and we expect the government to address the issue and tell us the way forward on ZTV or internet but no one seems to care. Mr. Dokora should address us but his response isn’t available.The school heads are puzzled now. Someone need to be serious somewhere.

  91. Can the responsible authorities clear this mess , we applied using the emap platform but nothing is materialising.This is now a national crisis and we expect the government to address the issue and tell us the way forward on ZTV or internet but no one seems to care. Mr. Dokora should address us but his response isn’t available.The school heads are puzzled now. Someone need to be serious somewhere.

    1. We haven’t been able to get clarification from the Ministry on that aspect as well as other issues related to applications from students outside Zimbabwe.

    1. I think it is high time we call a spade a spade. Now that we have tried to enroll through this system with difficulties and the responsible officials are mum about it, time is not on our side as parents and pressure mounting heavily on our shoulders, can’t we condem it and approach the district offices for further management.

  92. What was the deadline? Because I went to apply on this emap website an hour ago and it was successful, now I am just waiting for a favourable outcome.
    Did anyone received any outcome that is not ‘status pending?

  93. please help me it now day three trying to sign up but the system says “your details could not be found please ensure the information you entered is correct. I dont know what to do now but I just think that my childs former school might not exist inthe system since it was a private school. we dont even know where we can get help

  94. mukuti mukubvisa corruption bt mukutoiwedzera coz kutaura kudai zvimwe zvikoro zvatozadza vana and havachatodi kutora ,,,, and zvakare muchapindura vanhu rini ,,,,, PLZ DNT COMPARE ZIMBABWE WITH WESTERN COUNTRIES muchiita zvamusingagoni coz mukutipa zvikoro zvatisingadi at the end thoz that are privileged ndovachawana nzvimbo ofwc its unfair ……. plz cde dokora drop your idea coz its of no use coz haisi kuita mukutidyira mari…..# MAINTERNET CAFE AITA MARII ,,, apa muchiti mukupedza corruption . useless idea


    1. accepted awana nzvimbo to that school.processed mean have been automatically deleted to the other options by the system.If ur first school priority do not see ur child first then thats it. System yacho ikuti kuzvikoro atanga tanga, anononoka kuona mwana waruza

  96. Applied yesterday 13/12/16 in the morning but still pending. Dead Worried!! what if you are not accepted in the applied for schools? what,s next?

  97. The speed at which the e-map was responding uuum nzvimbo dzatozara chete,all smooth sailing from first to last step

  98. Applied successfully on monday evening and my child was accepted first by her 3rd choice school .I latter made follow ups and discovered that her first choice had started recruiting a bit latter due to network problems.On my attempt to reject the offer l received the shock of my life that there is no way that can be reversed even when l have not made payments to that school yet her first choice still have vacancies.Really is this true.Can my child be forced to enroll with her 3rd choice yet she still qualifies to her first priority and the school still have places.MR DOKORA ANSWER US. YOUR PEOPLE ANSWERING THIS LANDLINE 04794508 AND 04705281 are lying to me and depriving my child of his rights to enroll where she wants, given that plentiful places are still available.

  99. THIS IS A VERY SAD SITUATION TO ME, I NEED ANSWERS MINISTER.Really can l watch and see my child with 4 units enroll with their third choice school when their first choice still have plentiful vacancies.Can this really happen.

  100. hapana kupedza corruption apa, selection is still in the good hands of the same old people . l submitted my child results before applying online and got registered at two specific schools. Guess what …when l went ahead to apply online for those two specific schools the system said l had already applied? what! who did it for me? Obvious the people who had records of my child.And l am not the only one who got that message. And it’s not surprising that l dint get a response or place for my child.The minister said these schools should serve their catchment area but it’s never going to be like that anyway. They applied for their own selected their own and used our kids to cover up Cde Minister as soon as the system was active!

  101. System has led down parents and successful candidates to the worst.Its operating on watanga watanga on the schools side, some parents have been refused to reject placement offers they got from schools of their 3rd choices to their 1st choice even when the 1st choice is still recruitng, have plentiful places and the child highly qualifying.

  102. from the 12/12/16 until now have been trying bt i have managed to get thru now ,my main worry is time and vaccancy from the desired schools may be full. Please help because we are worried

  103. this ideology is confused…if l was to get an opportunity to argue Mr Dokora in court l would win the case and I this online thing will be cancelled won’t’ work…it won’ work…

  104. will you please deregister me, so that I may start again. I had send someone to apply but he failed to apply the schools I had told him. please help

  105. This thing is frustrating whats the correct format for the date I have been at it for almost two hours it keeps saying details not found… please assist

  106. status still pending but you can
    apply for six schools now but guess it’s too late now nzvimbo hakusisina but status remains pending its nonsense and real shit

  107. This system is damn frustrating, t was quite easy for m to register only to b accepted at a school that was last on my list. How do I change from the school to the one I want?

    1. I’m getting the following responses :
      1st school – processed
      2nd school – accepted
      3rd school – accepted
      Then how do I respond?

  108. can we kindly get the opportunity to apply to as many schools as possible…l am not getting any response from any school l have applied for since the 10th…still pending!

  109. Well done Minister, please do not end here. After the dust has settled please do an audit of how the enrollment was done, some headmasters/sisters completely disregarded your directive (insubordination) parents got receipts/admissions/paid well before your due date and later tried to cover up by asking the same parents to later apply or applied themselves coz vakadya kare. Among the culprits is Regina Mundi Gweru, Anderson Gweru, Howard Mission Chiweshe, Vaitei kuti vasazvipamhezve/vamwe vabva vadzidza, i would not hurt to investigate………………….tokudai Minister!

  110. every school did that ….l am stuck with my child now haana nzvimbo we obeyed the new system yet the usual suspects did play the same old games/tricks and we left in the cold…after the settling of the so called dust l will still be stuck with my child…so whatever steps he takes next it will not change my situation or my child . it’s never wise to introduce some shit which cannot change what was happening before.

  111. hi guys …ive succesfully applied….approximately how ong does it take for you to get a reply(that u have \havent got the place)

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