WHY YOUR COMPANY NEEDS A WEBSITE. And what to do with it once you have it?


The most definite reason that anyone now knows, beyond a reasonable doubt, is that your website is your business card and brochure online. Any question that any person may ask, about your company products, services and details, should be answered by your website. So this leads you to this realisation:

(a) When you build a website always build it after a little market research has been done since you are building it FOR your customer,



(b) once you have built it, have a section on it, such as a Bot,  for further and ongoing data collection, that will help you improve your website and deliver what a customer will come back to your website for. And hopefully refer their friends to.

Secondly, remember that a website is supposed to be a workhorse. It has a purpose and it must do its duty. And it’s duty is to bring in more customers. But the trick in getting it to do that is, you need to “TELL” it to. But you may ask, how do I tell it?

This is where a professional is required.He needs to create a system that pulls people from all over the internet onto your website. And when those people arrive on your website you need to have an offer there that makes them buy or take a service from your company. This of course then leads to these two questions.

  1. How do I get people from all over the internet to COME to my website?
  2. What can I offer them on my website that they will buy or take that service?

To (1) above, the answer is you create landing pages (Read article 2 in this 7 part series that explains landing pages), and  for (2) the answer is offer a FREE yet INVALUABLE service for the person viewing your website. For example, if you are a recruitment agency, offer a free IQ or personality test, which gives the person filling in the test factual information on how employable they are and what areas they should work on to improve their employability. If you are a medical aid, you would put a free stress test on your site that is a true reflection of a person’s state of stress. And then offer a free counselling that they can get from your offices by making an appointment. (See how all of a sudden you have a very potential client being created.)

It is your responsibility to make your digital tools work for you and it takes just a bit of consulting of experts to get that going. Good luck and good hunting!

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