An amazing day of learning & meeting new people at WordCamp Harare 2016 (Pictures)

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Wordcamp Harare

Yesterday was a great day in Harare for lovers of WordPress. Techzim attended the first WordCamp to be held in the city and country. Te event was at Harare City Library. A great day because we met lots of people who are passionate about WordPress and building stuff on the internet – making sites work better and so on. That means it was a day of lots of learning for us and we’re sure everyone that attended.

As Techzim (and the other startups we work with like Soccer24 and Pindula) the internet is our lifeblood, so a day dedicated to discussing internet platforms and how to do things better was the amazingly enriching experience we expected it to be.

Stuff presented included Getting started with WordPress, delivered by a student called Sizo Sinyolo; Best practices in doing WordPress freelance work (lots of locally relevant information for freelancers looking to improve their earnings delivered by Muzonzini); Page builders and how they make building sites easier for non-coders, running e-commerce sites (the presentation was titled WooCommerce in Real “Live” and was delivered by Job Thomas from the WooCommerce team itself); Using versioning on WordPress with Git (we needed to listen to this 😉 ), Optimising WordPress databases and other stuff to do on servers to make sites leaner & faster.

We also had a great talk on Search Engine Optimisation by Trust Nhokovedzo, the first local WordPress expert I’ve met that evidently cares about SEO and practices it.

WordPress is a very popular platform globally and equally so in Zimbabwe, so no doubt lots of people use it at varying skill levels. There are more people out there that would have loved to be at the event and I hope they make it next time. If you’re one of them and didn’t know about WordCamp Harare 2016, you can keep yourself updated here about future events here.

The events are hosted by Thabo Tswana, Charles Muzonzini and a team of people that hold monthly meetups in Harare. Hopefully guys in Bulawayo, Mutare and Masvingo and other cities get to organise local meetups there too. Maybe get in touch with Thabo & Charles if you’re one such person so they can help you get something started.

Here are some pictures from the event:


  1. Thabo Tswana

    Thank you so much, Limbikani, for your support and for showing up at our event. We really enjoyed meeting you. And your photos are awesome! Let’s do this again in 2017!

  2. Ngonidzashe Mhuruyengwe

    It was a great insightful event. Hope the meetups grow so we can continue to share and learn.

  3. Anonymous

    Are there videos?

    1. Thabo Tswana

      Once all the video is processed, we hope to post it to We’ll share links when it’s done.

  4. Kudzayi Chimbodza

    It was quite an insightful event and meeting new people, new skills, new testimonies. Great work to all sponsors , organisers, speakers and attendees.

  5. Trust Nhokovedzo

    It was a privilege meeting people with a wide range of experiences around one thing! Thanks for the mention.

  6. Anonymous

    Had a greet time hope this event keeps on , meeting to people and learning new things was a great experience

  7. Charles Muzonzini

    WordCamp Harare 2016 was an awesome success, far exceeding my expectations. Everything was on point and I’m glad to have met so many great people and learnt so much. This is hands down the best IT conference this year

    Charles Muzonzini
    WordPress Harare Co-organizer & Mobile App Developer at Computer Society of Zimbabwe

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