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ZOL is offering free UNLIMITED wifi over the festive season

Internet service provider ZOL is offering free UNLIMITED wifi at all its hotspots from 15 December to 15 January.

The service provider has termed this promotion  its “Christmas gift to you” over the festive season. Previously, ZOL wifi hotspots “ZOLspots” offered free wifi for 50mb or 30 min to anyone that logged into the service.

This free unlimited wifi hotspot promotion is a great chance to let the public get a feel of its internet speeds with the hope that you get convinced to subscribe to one of its packages. ZOL has done this kind of promo before when they were trying to get the public aware of its hotspots and their locations.

You can find a ZOLSpot by going to their website or by downloading their app.


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5 thoughts on “ZOL is offering free UNLIMITED wifi over the festive season

  1. Clever so fog the next month all WiFi clients and other su s will b losing revenue as WiFi is free. clever

    1. I dnt think that is the intention . . . can we not ,at times look at the positives and be grateful.We have become a nation that complains over everything even good things.Shame.

  2. i thought the guys at @techzim would do a more comprehensive, tech articulate and survy(sp) article… whats the difference of reading this here compared to a random newspaper. a follow up story on the speed ( which absolutely sucks. not sure how anyone would be convinced to use their services).

    you notice that they ask for your email address , age group and gender. Why? i have an idea but in-depth analysis from the “tech people” from techzim is why i flipping subscribed to this site

    come on guys

    come on guys.

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