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Rumour: TelOne to introduce $5 internet package

TelOne, Zimbabwean telecoms

Techzim was recently alerted of TelOne’s plans to introduce a $5 ADSL package to its line-up of ADSL products.

We did a bit of digging and ended up being informed (unofficially) that TelOne will be introducing a $5 for 5GB ADSL package that will be valid for a period of 7 days (one week). This will only apply to TelOne’s ADSL and not on its Fibre or Public Wifi solutions.

After TelOne’s recent price slashes, Techzim considers this new (still to be confirmed) product will be aimed at attracting the mass market with a cheaper solution to access the internet from home.

Techzim is yet to receive an official comment from TelOne.

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11 thoughts on “Rumour: TelOne to introduce $5 internet package

  1. My speed has dropped since Sunday. Well i didn’t have a service on Sunday. Since Monday my speed has dropped from 2.68 to 0.7 in KweKwe. I thought we are suppose to now have speeds up to 4mbps on the $42 package?

    1. Sorry hako – in Bulawayo my speed has improved slightly on that $42 package over the past 2 weeks. I can finally stream YouTube without any pauses whatsoever at standard resolution. Watched Trump inauguration live without a single skipped frame. Zviri kutofaya. Call them – 950 on your landline. They do respond, unlike a certain MNO I know. There was a system upgrade on Sunday apparently (also didn’t have service all morning) so maybe something went wrong with that.

      1. Hi, speed is back to around 2.50 just wish it would be constant and a bonus if it was closer to 4 as advertised And Telone’s Latency was much lower 40ms which smooths out buffering on Live tv and You tube.

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