1,500 students currently receiving free education through Zimbabwe’s STEM initiative

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There are at least 1,500 students across Zimbabwe that are currently getting a free education as part of the national STEM Initiative launched in 2016.

According to Open Parly this information was recently shared with a parliamentary committee by the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Professor Jonathan Moyo.

Zimbabwe’s STEM Initiative which was introduced at the start of 2016 provides free education to all Advanced Level (senior high school) students registered for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related subjects like Maths, Computer Science, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

this is part of the government’s drive to promote the adoption of such subjects which are now at the core of most national development plans with the Zimbabwean government using this initiative as its own play at ensuring that the nation has an adequate number of candidates developing science-related skills.

In 2016 the initiative assisted over 3400 students in the first 3 months of its implementation. The programme has had some controversy with reports of clashes between the Primary Education and Higher Education Ministries.


  1. jasper

    hi guys is this initiative available to all schools or this applies only to government schools?

  2. jasper

    would anybody who knows the schools where this is being offered. if so please mention if possible…cheers

  3. Anonymus

    Its a good motivation to a lot of students who think that sciences are expensive hence but my question is does Stem take you even to University level if you passed well.

  4. Masarira E

    What a good initiative. I hope this will take students upto university level

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