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Full Text: TelOne Chairman’s remarks at 7th TelOne Learning Centre Graduation

State-owned telecommunication company TelOne today held a graduation ceremony for students who were at the company’s Learning Centre. The event was attended by government officials including the Minister for ICTs, representatives from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), The Director-General of the Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) and many others. […]

UNICEF & Impact Hub Hre testing Guta, a blockchain nutrition system for schools

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), City of Harare Nutrition Unit and Impact Hub Harare are prototyping an application called Guta. The app is a blockchain solution that will help children and schools improve nutritional standards. “After a long year of planning around many lockdowns, building the technology and working with the Ministry […]

Zim gets a 3-star rating in UNICEF e-learning readiness report

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) conducted a study across 67 countries to assess their preparedness for e-learning in the event of emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic. UNICEF’s study used three data sources to rank countries on a scale of one to five stars for pre-primary to upper secondary level and they are: Household Level […]

NBS Bank offering USD500 for school fees and professional exam fees at auction rate

National Building Society (NBS) Bank has a facility that is offering up to USD500 for school fees at the auction rate. This program is being done through the Bank’s Bureau de Change licence and here’s how you can get started. First, you’ll need to bring an invoice from your child’s school (or for your own […]

This local e-learning startup is aiming to replace brick & mortar schools

Last week we reported on EduXpert, a local e-learning startup that offers lessons for pre-primary all the way to trade schools and tertiary education. The platform does this by giving anyone with the skills and qualifications an avenue to monetise their knowledge and experience. On the students’ side of things, they get to pick and […]

Local startup creates a platform where you can teach or learn anything

If you have been on YouTube over the last five years or so then you’ll be familiar with ads for a company called Skillshare. What the firm essentially does is offer anyone who wants to teach or learn a trade or skill the opportunity to do so. It’s basically like the aforementioned YouTube but with […]

Borrow money for bus fare: the govt’s master plan to get teachers in classes

Never mind that there is a global pandemic and that teachers have been constantly fighting the poverty line for years. Put aside that opening schools under these pressures has irrevocably changed lives for students and their teachers and proceed to ask the latter to borrow money to make it to their poorly-paying job. Teachers who […]

Teachers ask govt for free data to conduct online classes but is this the solution?

Teachers have approached the government asking for free data that would allow them to access online resources and platforms in order to conduct online lessons during the lockdown. In a report by NewsDzeZimbabwe, the Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) has said that there is still a lot that can be done to help teachers […]

HEXCO results for May 2021 exam session are out

The Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education has announced that Higher Education Examinations Council (HEXCO) NC to HND results for the May 2021 Examinations Session have been released. The statement from the Ministry reads as follows: The Permanent Secretary for Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development, Professor F. Tagwira wishes to announce […]

Zim Flying Labs is bringing drones into the classroom to enhance STEM education

Zim Flying Labs is a name that will be familiar to Techzim regulars. The organisation came to Zimbabwe through a franchise of sorts held by Precision Aerial, a drone and robotics startup that is headed by Tawanda Chihambakwe who is a licenced drone pilot, instructor and the best selling co-author of Drone Pilot 1 and […]

How to get ZIMSEC A-Level results online

Be ready for Friday

Opportunities for Zim startups in Germany

Hubs and funding opportunities in Germany

Here’s how you can view ZIMSEC Grade 7 results online

ZIMSEC Grade 7 results are out and due to the pandemic the best way to view your child’s Grade 7 results is online and here’s how you can do it

Rethinking the new normal in Zimbabwe’s education sector

Rethinking the new normal in Zimbabwe’s education sector. Will 2021 be any better for e-learning in the country or are we in for a repeat of 2020?

Looking back at e-learning in Zimbabwe in 2020 & what lies ahead in 2021

E-learning in Zimbabwe was a rollercoaster in 2020, nothing changed for some and a lot changed for others. Here’s a look at what happened this year.

ZIMSEC speaks out on examination paper thief.

ZIMSEC speaks out on temp worker who leaked examination.

ZIMSEC leaked O-level Maths paper: the plot thickens

An update on the ZIMSEC allegedly leaked paper and the ZIMSEC emplyee who has been charged with stealing exam papers.

ZIMSEC O level Maths Paper 2 Supposedly Leaked

ZIMSEC O level maths paper 2 allegedly leaked

A review of Smooth Lectures, a science exclusive educational website

Smooth Lectures is an ‘O’ and ‘A’ Level science online learning platform that is chock-full of information, easy to use and easy on the eyes too.

The Woes of E-Learning and how the new Dzidzo Paden|Imfundwe’ndlini App is levelling the playing field

A look at the issues surrounding e-learning in Zimbabwe, their social implications and the new educational app that could just help fix things.

Is online learning working?

Education, like all the other sectors, has been affected by the pandemic. Online learning has been accelerated at a scale that before COVID-19 many would have thought was in the distant future.

So it raises the question, is online education working?

Phenomenon Technologies partners with UK firm to provide applied science kits

Phenomenon Technologies has announced a partnership with UK-based MEL Science to provide applied science learning kits in Zimbabwe and Africa

Free eLearning platform launched for all African countries

A German-backed free e-Learning platform called Atingi was recently launched in order to (among other things) fill the gap created by COVID-19. The pandemic left school kids on the continent without access to education and so Atingi is now available in 54 countries across the continent. Atingi particularly focuses on reaching marginalised populations that previously […]

Dandemutande offering eLearning software for schools and universities

By now, we all know that COVID-19 adversely affected learning at all levels of education. Locally, children have been unable to physically attend school for over half a year now and a number of schools have resorted to eLearning. Dandemutande saw the need for a learning platform and built the Learning Management System they are […]

Econet said they weren’t suspending eLearning bundles. Schools are being told the opposite

Earlier this week we noted that there was some confusion surrounding the eLearning bundle. A school authority we spoke to mentioned that an Econet employee who was handling their purchase of the bundles informed them that the eLearning bundle was being suspended. We reached out to Econet PR to understand if this was official and […]

Digital Marketing School in Zimbabwe gets accreditation from UK organisation

Afrodigital, a local digital marketing school has received accreditation from CPD (Continuing Professional Development). The CPD accreditation adds a layer of recognition to Afrodigital’s Pan-Degree in Digital Marketing. We got in touch with Afrodigital’s Founder Trust Nhokovedzo (has over 12 years of experience in training and implementing digital marketing in the UK, US, Switzerland, South […]

Is Econet discontinuing eLearning bundles on the 1st of September?

We have it on good authority that Econet might stop offering eLearning bundles from the beginning of September. The cheaper bundles were extremely useful to schools who were able to buy cheaper data for students to conduct lessons online during the pandemic. What’s the official position? Well, we reached out to Econet representatives to get […]

UNICEF Zim announces initiative to increase connectivity in local schools

UNICEF Zimbabwe and GIGA are partnering to improve internet connectivity within Zimbabwean schools. The right to education is fundamental for #ForEverychild. Through an exciting new initiative – GIGA, Zimbabwe will greatly improve the connectivity and access to education for the most disadvantaged youth. Learn more👉: — UNICEF ZIMBABWE (@UNICEFZIMBABWE) August 27, 2020 Giga […]