Frustrated by the WhatsApp Status feature and your disappeared contacts list? Here’s how you can access it

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WhatsApp Status, the new feature from the insanely popular Instant Messaging service has received mixed reviews from users.

While some people are celebrating a new feature that resembles Snapchat Stories and the sort of engagement it creates (not to mention the “new content”), there are very loud cries about how it’s turning a stripped-down, simple chat application into a tie-up of way too many features.

This has also been followed by rumours that the old text only Status might be making a comeback soon.

One major complaint that’s stood out, though, is the way the contacts have “disappeared”. Users can’t just access their contact by tapping a tab specifically for that.

For users on Android devices, the Status feature has a tab in between “Chats” and “Calls” that’s at the top of their main screen. For iOS users,the centre icon which used to be for “Contacts” is now “Camera”.

So how are you supposed to find your WhatsApp contacts?

For both iOS and Android, one way is to access a new chat. First tap on the “Chats” tab. After this, you then tap on the new chats icon (that’s that green circle with a chat bubble in the middle) on the bottom right-hand corner of the main WhatsApp screen.

This will lead you to a list of everyone you can start a chat with and essentially your WhatsApp contacts list.


  1. T Manyange

    We want our old Whatsapp status

    1. DJ Freeman

      Yeah we really want our old WhatsApp status. I support it 100%.

    2. Larry

      Too right – I like flicking through Favorites to see peoples’ photos…..

    3. Abbo Immaculate

      I PREFER THE OLD STATUS FEATURE. The new one is boringgggggg and not nice at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Russell

    I am using the new whatsapp version on a Huawei P8 lite and the green circle with a chat bubble in the middle on the bottom right-hand corner of the main WhatsApp screen is not there.


  3. Tim Thompson

    Maybe this might be a good opportunity to switch to a secure alternative, e.g., Threema or Signal, don’t you think?

  4. Lennon

    Status is the only was Facebook can monetise WhatsApp because they dropped the model of it being a paid app. Do not kid yourself Status is here to stay, soon you will start seeing ads that you can reply to.

  5. nekozilla

    took me damn 5 minutes to add new contact. this is real life?

  6. IB

    So how can we now block contacts on WhatsApp?

  7. Guru

    Rollback plzzzz

  8. phiney

    I really reeeeaaaaaaaaly hate it.

  9. Walter Johnson

    I hate it when software thinks it knows better than I do what I want. I WANT MY CONTACT LIST BACK!!!!!!

    And that green circle that is supposed to allow me to start a new chat is not there, so I have to use the search feature to find a contact.

  10. nb

    This article didn’t help at all. New WhatsApp is USELESS. Pushing chat button didn’t do anything. WhatsApp is seriously going to lose customers.

  11. Anonymous

    I am also so confused because I cant see other peoples status

  12. lui

    That new whatsapp shit is crap. i w
    ant my contact list back.

  13. Lucy

    I absolutely hate it, Totally useless feature and now i cant access my contacts at all. Are you bloody kidding me? Im switching to viber.

  14. dimi

    When I download my status always says failed

  15. Mace

    Well, not one on here that loves it? I think this was totally unnecessary…and I want my contact list back too…grrrr.

  16. Not Happy

    I hate it too!!! It is now being forced as a daily message post to the contacts. Very cumbersome, very intrusive & very retarded!!! The developers are all f***ed up!

  17. elijah

    somethings are better left undone, am wondering who the hell disappeared my contact list. guys should let our peace be and get more productive staff to work on.

  18. Angry User who has just quit

    I knew Mark Zuckerberg and his Facebook were going to destroy this great app. Maybe BBM should just be reworked to a more clean and simple interface, WhatsApp is becoming really shitty!

  19. Anonymous

    I want old version back

  20. Saniya

    I want my WhatsApp status feature back please through that we could share our feelings n thoughts bt this new status feature is useless please make it s before please we all requests u

  21. ☺☺☺

    Though bit tricky to use I’m loving the new version.

    1. Thuls

      What planet are you from. We all hate the new version of WhatsApp!

  22. pontsho

    bring back the old whatsapp

  23. peeendy

    i really don’t like the new whatsapp it sucks big time…WTF.

    1. Checkerat

      I stopped liking WhatsApp when they were bought by Facebook. (The good thing, though, is that I’ve been a happy Threema user ever since. ;-))

  24. Anonymous

    Definitely calls for a Rollback

  25. Annita

    I just hate it. I need my old WhatsApp back . It’s so irritating.

  26. fred

    we really want our old WhatsApp back!

  27. Werner Haufiku

    WhatsApp status is not good to my phone sumsung j1ice the status aren’t able to view all my contacts list help me how can I use my old contacts icon like calls—chats—contac

  28. J bolger

    No contact list and for this reason I and all my friends will delete whatsapp

  29. Suzie

    Want my old status back and my favorites list. New version sucks big time.

  30. jonijo

    Revert immediately!!!!

  31. Julia

    We want our old whtsaap this one suckes

  32. Anonymous

    Can’t deal with new whatsapp

  33. Jen

    Jesus why can’t they leave things be

  34. P T Clarke

    On my old iPhone 4s the full contact list of those using Whatsapp appears when I tap the ‘New Chat’ (square with a pencil) icon at the top right hand corner of the ‘Chats’ screen. this to me is easier then having to go through the old ‘Contact Icon’ at the bottom.

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