Strive Masiyiwa will be a keynote speaker at Mobile World Congress 2017, the industry’s largest exhibition & conference

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Mobile World Congress 2017 – this year’s edition of the mobile industry’s largest annual exhibition and conference  -is around the corner.

As the event that has consistently introduced the world to some awesome tech (Samsung usually launches its flagship device there) and interesting insights, it’s already inspired a lot of talk and predictions.

As is always the case with MWC, the mobile industry’s leaders, rockstar and up-and-coming brands, opinion makers and influencers will descend on Barcelona, Spain.

They will spend a few days (from 27 February to 2 March 2017) exploring the latest developments in the industry, covering growth strategies for mobile services and discussing issues that will shape the industry in 2017 and beyond.

Strive Masiyiwa, the Zimbabwean entrepreneur and founder of Econet Wireless has been listed as one of the keynote speakers over MWC’s 4 day period. He is set to speak on Achieving Sustainable Development Goals through Mobile.

He joins 37 other technology and mobile industry leaders that include Sunil Bharti Mittal (founder and chairman of Bharti Enterprises), Reed Hastings (Netflix founder and CEO), Stéphane Richard (Chairman and CEO of Orange), Eugene Kaspersky (Chairman and CEO  of Kaspersky), Ted Livingston (Founder and CEO of Kik), Rajeev Suri (CEO of Nokia) and John Hanke (Creator of Pokemon GO and Founder & CEO of Niantic).

If you have any interest in the mobile industry you might want to check out not only Strive Masiyiwa’s keynote but all the other insights that will be shared by these industry leaders.


  1. Macd Chip

    Nigel, that link for MWC 2017 is taking me to your other story about potraz framwork…

    1. Nigel Gambanga

      Oops! sorry about that. Thanks for pointing it out.

    2. Imi Vanhu Musadaro

      Surely, Strive failed to give them a high quality picture for his profile?

      1. Pindile Mhandu

        Seems Techzim has a better pic of him vs MWC

  2. follow

    wont he get arrested for that ? just asking

  3. tendai katsuwa

    Well done man!

  4. Takanaka

    Well done Strive. You might have haters among the Zimbabwe Government leadership and the public, I am proud of you.Never look back and shame your detractors. Spread your wings on the African and wider turf

  5. lacious

    Thank Mr strive , you inspires us

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