WhatsApp launches feature called Status which copies Snapchat Stories but with encryption

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WhatsApp, the hugely popular Instant Messaging platform is continuing on its path to release new service and feature updates.

The latest release is a “new” feature called Status which was announced by the WhatsApp team earlier this week.

It’s essentially a pimped up version of that Status tab that been previously used for text messages like “Hey I’m On WhatsApp” or “At The Gym”. The new Status allows users to share photos, videos emojis and GIFs. The status updates also disappear after 24 hours.

For people on Snapchat and Instagram, all of this ought to be very familiar now. It’s what Snapchat introduced to us as Snapchat Stories and was also appropriated by Facebook-owned Instagram.


It looks like WhatsApp, which is also part of Facebook, continues to be “inspired” by Snapchat (remember that photo art feature), though it’s been quick to express its point of difference. Your Status is secured through its End to End Encryption (E2EE).

The feature is being rolled out to iOS, Windows and Android gradually and you don’t have to update your version for it. It just shows up and when it has been activated you’ll know by changes in the Status tab that include a camera icon.


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