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ACE curriculum introduced at local preschool

There has been much talk about educational curricula recently. Whether or not you agree with Lazarus Dokora on the contents or the implementation of the curriculum change in Zimbabwe’s public school system, there’s one great thing to take out of the whole drama. Zimbabweans have been forced to take a closer look at how and what kids are being taught in school.

This scrutiny should not focus on or start when your child is going for secondary/high school, it should not even wait till they start primary school. Psychologists will tell you that the zero to seven formative years are the most important for learning especially considering learning at this stage has greater bearing on WHO the child becomes rather than WHAT they will later do.

Kidsland Christian Academy has invested in a strong curriculum for the all round development of children in their preschool years. They use the Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) programme. This is an international curriculum used by a lot of Christian educational institutions. In Zimbabwe there could be a number of institutions that use this curriculum at primary or higher levels but I did not know of any that used it at preschool level.

What draws me to the ACE curriculum is that each child learns at their pace. Emphasis is not on some linear progress through a schedule (a system introduced during the Industrial Revolution!). Instead, each child advances according to mastery of concepts with individualized assistance from teachers. Learning is not measured by ‘what grade you’re in’ but by what and how much of it you have mastered. The programme is also used extensively for homeschooling locally. You can read more about that here.

At Kidsland each child has their own private workspace where they work their way through a full scope and sequence of curriculum with a one on one assistance. According to the founder of this preschool, the curriculum introduces children to concrete and abstract reasoning skills at appropriate developmental and motivated stages.

To tailor make the learning experience for each child, the school assesses each new enrolling student in order to ‘diagnose’ where the particular child is at in their developmental and learning cycles. This process will then inform the starting point for that child and the general methods to be employed. This process will then be repeated at critical intervals to ensure the child is not lost in the system or that the system is not under-employing the child’s potential.

Issues to do with your child’s education are very important and options must be thoroughly investigated. My part here is to simply present an option but yours will be to then explore it further and compare with other available options comparing them against what’s important to you. To investigate Kidsland Christian Academy further fill in this basic form and we will link you with the authorities there and you could perhaps visit them. A toast to your child’s future…

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3 thoughts on “ACE curriculum introduced at local preschool

  1. Dokora have introduced all world faith into our education, but not a single local faith religion is in our syllabus.

    Muslim can be foreign, and people have the right to voice their opinion, but so is christianity as well. Its foreign, adopted religion which never originated from Zimbabwe.

    1. Have you read the curriculum with regards to religion… Which is our local religion that has not been included

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