Download the latest Zimbabwe telecoms reports by POTRAZ

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So every time we do articles about the POTRAZ reports, readers ask us for the download of the actual report. To peruse it themselves and deduct whatever is relevant for their businesses. So we include it in a latest report download article.

But after a couple of weeks the article is buried and when others come looking it’s harder to find. Even for us. We have created a separate page for this kind of stuff. From now on you business and industry stats nerds 😉 can just go to this page for such downloads:

Zimbabwe Telecoms Reports by POTRAZ (pdf downloads)

From now onwards, we’ll put all the reports there as soon as we get them. POTRAZ itself has a similar page but because we have no control over it (will it always be there etc…) we like to think of ours as a redundant backup for them. Plus, we love having you around here ofcourse!

You can also find the page by just clicking on the link under “Stuff to know” in the sidebar on the right (or below if you’re on mobile).

Let us know what other information you’d want us to have  handy on an easily accessible page like that one.



  1. Obrain

    A regulator report is not supposed to qualify statistics with specific products offered by telcos as it is advertising. Qualifying stats with product specifics shld be left to telcos in their specific reports. Reference point is Onefusion mention in the potraz report.

  2. Sagitarr

    This amatuerish report deserves an overhaul in presentation. Whoever compiles it has very elementary word-processing skills. Column widths are different in the same table, data wraps to the next row, some columns need centring to make data visible, rows are of irregular height etc. The compiler seems rigid and blind to other techniques to choose different fonts and font sizes to improve overall look and feel. I can do it for you for free.

    When I come across reports like these, I start to question the veracity of the data itself. I give them the benefit of doubt based on the assumption that the MNO (operators) proof-read it before it is converted from Word to pdf format.

    There are many Zimbabwean individuals who can polish up what should be a showcase national report which is being prepared like a rudimentary burial society document in Uzumba. Do us a favour Potraz get a qualified and skilled individual to review this important document – presentation is of utmost importance, just like the content.

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