Telecel to launch LTE

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Angeline Vere, Telecel CEO

Telecel Zimbabwe will be rolling out LTE data services in the 3rd quarter of this year.

The announcement was made by ICT minister Supa Mandiwanzira at an event to mark the revival of Telecel as a brand and telecoms player in the market.

Telecel, which is now owned by the government of Zimbabwe, is the only mobile operator which has not introduced LTE data services in the country.

Econet and NetOne (also owned by government) introduced LTE in 2013 and 2014 respectively. LTE is a 4G technology that offers faster internet speeds than 3G.

Telecel was hindered by the lack of capital to invest in new technology, itself caused by the shareholder problems and eventual takeover by the government.

With the takeover now complete, Telecel is expected to be more visible in the market and hopefully to attract new money for infrastructure. The CEO of the company, Angeline Vere, declared at the event today that her company is strong and that its stakeholders should look forward to a solid future.


  1. Laggards

    Telecel are slow in everything. Whilst Econet is now thinking about 5G Telecel is still planning about 4G. Poor management and poor planning has destroyed this once promising entity

  2. Macd Chip

    Why bother with 4G, most are now testing 5G ….

    1. Tinashe

      I don’t get you Chip, you suggest they stick with 3G for now and wait for 5G in 2020 after everything has been finalized? No Telecoms Co. has rolled out 5G yet, its all a marketing gimmick.

      1. Ba

        Say that again. How messed up with negativity some of us are.

        1. Macd Chip

          When you dont understand business planning and technology involved, l can easily see why you think lm being negative!!

      2. Macd Chip

        I do not think you understand the evolution of 3G into 4G then 5G.

        It is not cost effected for a company like Telecel to invest money and energy into 4G than going straight into 5G. 4G is the next into 5G

        5G is backward compatible with 4G, so all the equipment they will buy can be used in 4G if they feel like 5G is not yet ready, but when deployements are being estimated to start in 2018, why not make the jump now and be ready

  3. Llodza

    That’s true Mac. They must at least leap forward with technology. It’s like you have never owned a mobile phone before but you plan to buy a 2G one when there are LTE ready smartphones.

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