Why should you consider becoming a coder?

So, I have seen it on the internet quite a number of times but I really wanted to hear it first hand from the different coders that I know. Why code?

I got some interesting answers which might not be universal, but can surely inspire someone. Whether you’re a student trying to pick a career path or someone who never gets enough of learning new things – this is for you!

It’s a cheaper way of solving big problems.


I found this to be the most interesting answer I got, particularly in this digital age. To think of how much one can do behind a computer to solve real problems… I will use a simplified example to drive the point home. Say you have a passion for healthy living, you can basically create your own website or application which gives people advice on how to keep fit without actually having to run workshops, seminars etc. which are more resource consuming and not to mention other advantages such as the potential of reaching a greater audience than you probably can when using other channels.


It activates the go-getter in people.

There’s just something about coding that won’t allow you to sleep or rest without achieving the intended goal. Fact that the problem is right there on your PC makes it too within reach to ignore. Most coders/programmers/developers (whichever you prefer) are workaholics, particularly after they actually start working on the project (inertia does get the best of us) and until something tangible comes out, they don’t stop. However, being workaholic has its own evils, it often takes away from other facets of life particularly health-wise and socially – hence the common notion that computer ‘geeks’ are anti-social. Buuut, believe me I know of some very social coders/programmers/devs who still get things done! So yes you can totally become that go-getter coder who does have a life (no pun intended).


It’s well paying

Of course, why would anyone forget that aspect? I know we all say do what you love and money will follow, that’s true but to some extent. Well yes it’s a bad idea to pursue a career only for the money because you probably will just end up rich and unhappy – a sadder combination than poor and happy (difficult to digest, but it’s true). But then again, getting a salary that doesn’t do justice to your needs has its fair share of frustrations. So maybe this one is for someone who actually has the desire to code, but just isn’t sure if it will pay their bills. Well, it will pay your bills. In fact, it will pay more than just your bills!


It will never go away, I think…

Unless something as drastic as the wiping off of dinosaurs from the face of earth by asteroids happens, coding will continue to live probably even more in future. Realise how most businesses have to digitalise and come up with smart innovations to suite the age we are in. Let’s just use a surface example, how many services come with a backing mobile application? Let me rephrase, how many services come without a backing mobile application? Did the trend exist at least 5 years ago? There you have it.


Like I said, I deliberately left out the common reasons you find online (meaning this isn’t all of it). Hope it helps!!!

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