Full BAZ statement declaring Kwese TV license ‘cancelled’



The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe wishes to advise the public that the Authority has not issued any licence for the provision of Kwese TV In Zimbabwe. This follows media reports suggesting that Kwese was now officially in Zimbabwe and did not need a licence after all. In terms of the Broadcasting Services Act [Chapter 1206J, no person shall provide a broadcasting service in Zimbabwe other than in accordance with a licence issued by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe. T. Content Distribution licence issued to Dr. Dish, which was specific to the provision of the My TV Africa Service, as declared by Dr. Dish in its application and stated in the terms and conditions of the licence, was cancelled by the Authority for failure by Dr. Dish to provide the My TV Africa service, The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe therefore wishes to advise the public not to invest in a service that cannot be provided without a licence and warns anyone who may contemplate providing an unlicensed broadcasting service to acquaint themselves with the course of action that the Authority is bound to take, in terms of the law.


Obert Muganyura 
Chief Executive Officer


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One thought on “Full BAZ statement declaring Kwese TV license ‘cancelled’

  1. I would like to air my opinion on the BAZ. After visiting their website, I found out their collective work experience is limited to working for TelOne or ZBC, hardly the most
    innovative or creative enterprises in the country by virtue of being government-funded, directed and controlled. Currently there are calls from some quarters to unbundle such state enterprises so that they are commercially run.

    Then we look at their mission statement, vision and functions. A few
    clauses caught my attention. These are “..projecting a great and united Zimbabwe..” this is very subjective. How does one measure greatness and unity?
    “…safeguard public interest and sovereignty…” one may ask which public and who decides where sovereignty starts and ends.
    There is a typo on their “Functions” under (c) which should either read issuing or issuance. I won’t dwell much on the lack of inspiration in their silly logo.

    If the poor, one-sided programming that ZTV churns out is a bench-mark
    of the quality of output expected by this board, it is hardly surprising.
    This seems to tie up with the same low Zanu (RF) standards.

    The experience of the board does not really offer much excitement, although their tertiary education might be adequate. Zimbabwe is so diverse that limiting itself to executives who have hardly changed employment to diversify their experience and showcase their skills makes a mockery of our education system.

    If Kwese TV gets a licence, it will not be surprising to find that it employs staff with better diversity of experience as well as demonstrable and measurable achievements. My thoughts….

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