Calculating EcoCash charges has just been made easy

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Calculating EcoCash charges

Are you one of those who can’t make sense of those posters or fliers that show EcoCash transaction charges? Not really because you incapable of calculating (obviously), but it just looks like a tedious process and as a result you never have time for it?

Washington Mkombodzi, a self taught programmer from Harare just figured this and thought why not create a calculator for that? A very simple user friendly website that he’s called the Ecocash calculator.

The calculator allows you to calculate the charges for sending money to both registered and unregistered customers, cashout as well as merchant purchases. In these tough times, I believe every cent counts. Well even in any other time, it’s always good to know how to account for every cent (or dollar at least).

Currently, due to the cash crisis, we are using various payment methods i.e mobile money, various bank cards etc. and it would be good to find out how much each extra charges each method has. So knowing about EcoCash charges is one step to figuring out the best method to use. It would even be much handier if we could get more such websites on other payment methods or better yet just one, with all the common methods of payments (hint hint).

Also, often at times we just ignore the transaction charges and think that they are negligible. But it’s only a matter of time before you find out that you actually have less than you thought you had in your account or none at all because the ‘negligible’ cents would have accumulated – you know the power of compound.

The website also includes other charges such as balance inquiry (just in case you thought that came for free), wallet to bank transfer, bank balance request as well as how much is deducted when you request for a bank statement.



  1. Mik

    Good. Now do a mobile app already

  2. Sabhuku Chikoto

    Where is the story?

  3. WeZaka

    There was this App Tariff calculator, it did a wonderful job. it even compare charges between the three service providers. I think an app would do well in this case.

  4. wejerera

    Plus 15% kikikikikiki

    1. Garikai Dzoma

      If you are lucky usually it’s plus 20%. More if you meet idiots who don’t know that giving someone $80 cash in exchange for $100 is not 20%

  5. Anonymous

    the tariffs that you used are old my friend for a dollar you need 14 cents not 11

    1. Anonymous

      You are the one who is behind its 11c effective 01 August 2017 not 14c.

  6. Senator Tutu

    Pane kamwe kari pa Playstore ka APP so kakanzi Ecocash Tarrifs kanongoita zvimwe chete kaka gadzirwa na Geophas Murimbika kana ndisiri kukanganisa but ikako kanongoda ma updates chete ndiani akabira umwe idea apa kkkkkk

  7. Geophas

    aizve kkk ndini Geophas wacho ndikushamisika ndichiona idea yangu yakatorova pasi kare @Senator updates are coming soon

    1. Sydney

      I developed and deployed a desktop app for an EcoCash agent to do just the same thing. So this is a very common idea. There is nothing challenging about it…just a few If…else statements and an interface. Even O level computers students can do that.

  8. Floki

    please can someone tell me how i can transfer my usd out of zimbabwe?

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