Facebook to ‘share’ Instagram Stories… just not the way we’re used to


So, it seems Facebook is ‘borrowing’ the Stories feature from Instagram. Well, this ‘borrowing’ is not the ‘Insta borrows Stories from Snapchat’ type, because they’ve already done that; it’s more like ‘sharing’. But this sharing is not the one are used to, let me explain…


Now, what will happen is that once you’ve created your Story on Instagram, you will be enabled to share it both on Insta and on Facebook simultaneously. This will be different from the usual post then share way of doing things.

However, this function is still on trial, but once FB is satisfied with the results, all will be set. I guess since Instagram is owned by Facebook, they might as well share features right? But question is, is that a good thing???


I personally find it problematic because I think each social network has to be somewhat unique. If features keep getting borrowed and shared in most (or all) of the prominent social networks, then why have 4 or 5 of them if you can get everything on one? I get that some features are too good to be left out but I still think some line has to be drawn somewhere. Well, at this point this might not be too bad, but if this ‘borrowing’ continues, social networks will become more or less the same, just with different names.

It also feels like the social networks are now having too many utilities all on one. Of course we do like ‘one stop shops’ but there should be a limit now shouldn’t there? They say a jack of all trades is a master of none and in this case, I agree. When an app has too many features it becomes too broad and quite exhausting. Maybe that’s actually why the FB stories feature is not doing well.

Added to that, speculations say that this new development is a response to this Facebook Stories flop. It is alleged to be a strategy of trying to get people to familiarise with FB’s Stories, even if it means that the stories are generated on Insta. That could be true, but then again maybe Facebook just wants its users to use those two apps seamlessly.

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