Help your child pass Grade 7 with Pass Grade 7 app

Pass Grade 7

As more and more of Zimbabweans gain internet access, the power of the internet as an educational tool needs to be harnessed. This is happening in this country as evidenced by the number of e-learning solutions being developed.  Case in point – Pass Grade 7 app.


With Zimsec grade 7 examinations just around the corner, a new app has been launched to help students prepare. The app, developed by the ShonaApp developer, Russell Kanyera is called Pass Grade 7 and is naturally a follow up to the mentioned ShonaApp.

On the app students can practice Maths, English and General paper through random multiple choice questions. Agriculture, which students will be examined on for the first time this year will be added shortly as a free update according to the developer.


When it comes to the languages; Shona, Ndebele and the others there currently is no plan to bring them to the app. Those preparing for the Shona exam can utilise the ShonaApp.

The multiple choice questions though not from past exam questions are based on Zimsec syllabi. All in all there are about 400 questions per subject and these will be asked randomly. A student plays until they feel it is enough and they then get their mark and units.

The headlining feature of the app though was given by the developer as,

the real utility of the app is it’s remarkable ability to identify areas the student could be struggling with. The Pass Grade 7 app gives topic based advice for each subject making it possible for the student to pay extra attention to their weaknesses and ultimately get a better grade.

The app is currently only available on Android but work is underway to bring it to Windows and iOS. You can download the app for free and get limited access to content and functions. The developer is not against sharing the apk via services like Shareit or WhatsApp.

To get access to full content and functions that will cost $3, payable via EcoCash or telecash. There is a promotion running until the last day of this month, September 2017, where those that activate the app get two more activations for free. That makes it $1 per activation if you find two friends to do this with.

So there you have it. It is free to try the app out so if you know someone who would find value in this app then do share with them. You can download it here and you can also get the ShonaApp here.

Pass Grade 7Pass Grade 7


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  1. It’s good to see more apps in the educational domain. Really liked the work put into the Shona App and would presume, this app is just as solid.

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