Soon you will be able to delete messages on other people’s phones on WhatsApp

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This new feature is something we have been waiting for for ages and it seems we are close to getting it now. The feature, which is being called Delete For Everyone is being tested on WhatsApp Beta. It will be available on both Android and iOS.

Delete for everyone is essentially just a revoke message option. This allows users to recall a message they have sent. This works because the message is deleted right from WhatsApp servers. Have you ever sent a message and regretted it immediately? If you have ever sent a message to the wrong person then you know how huge this feature is.

When the message is deleted a new message is put in it’s place telling the person that you had sent the message to that the message has been deleted. The original message is removed from your chat history and the recipient’s. Even in their notification centre the message will be replaced with a ‘This message has been deleted’ notification.

As it is being tested, there is no option for the recipient to not see that there is a message that has been deleted. Imagine seeing the ‘This message has been deleted’ notification, would that not make you more curious? This may lead you to assume the worst as you speculate as to what the message said. Let us hope in the future the message will just be deleted and no notification is given to the recipient.

Delete for everyone works for both messages that have been read and those that have not. For messages that had been already read the goal would be to remove the message from record. That however could be foiled by the humble screenshot. I foresee an increase in number of screenshots taken by people trying to make sure important messages are not revoked on them.

To combat screenshotting WhatsApp could resort to copying Snapchat, yet again. They could notify you if someone screenshots your conversation. This would bring its own problems but it would be something.

What do you think about this Delete For Everyone feature? Do we even need it? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. Kudzanai Chiuriri


  2. Pardon Gwara

    Where is the story?

    1. Leonard Sengere

      Oops, please check again. The story is there now.

  3. BaNyasha

    SnapChat does what? Damn. Now that’s something. Kkkkkk. And we tried it out and saw that even sent media can also be deleted.
    I think it’s a good thing in case you send the wrong stuff that you want to recall them but hopefully people will not misuse the feature.

  4. xadfcgv

    its absolute stupid. even if you delete it from record i hv already seen it.Also (screenshot

  5. Macd Chip

    With the Cyber Bill being approved, how is it going to accommodate this new development. If someone send and then delete the messages, is it really deleted from whatsapp servers or the servers automatically archives it.

    If it does automatically archive it then who have access to those messages. The evil in me is telling me that the messages are not totally deleted. Even so, there can be snapshots of then sitting on a server somewhere for a perion of time after deletion.

  6. luckson dzingirai

    Which whatsapp version is it?

  7. TarieM

    This is a very welcome development on the whatsApp platform.

  8. Daine Khan

    Fantastic. Can’t wait.

  9. Anonymous

    This is a good feature but I think it works if the recipient is online otherwise if the message is received and one turns off data the servers will have no effec. On local ststorage

    Will the system also follow up the pasted instances of that message

    More road to travel

    How about in backups and local archived messages

  10. Mhofu

    Definitely needed, jus ask ma pal who send an explicit message in a group with female relatives, I guess they have jus implemented what’s also on Skype ..that the receiver has taken a screenshot don’t matter, there is a chance that they would not hve seen the message at all..

  11. elina

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