You could soon easily create a thread of related tweets (Tweetstorm) on Twitter

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As great as Twitter is, there are just some things that are difficult to do on the social media platform. Firstly, it restricts the number of characters you can put in a tweet to just 140. To some, that’s not a big deal especially if they’re good at summarizing their thoughts. However, there are just some topics that you cannot put in just 140 characters and result in a Tweetstorm.

If you’ve been faced with such a topic that required more characters then you’ve probably found yourself tweeting several tweets that are related to that topic. Usually, most people do this by tweeting an intro tweet of sorts then they reply to that main tweet with another and reply to the reply and so on. In the Twitter universe, this is referred to as a Tweetstorm.

A tweetstorms can easily become a hassle if you’ve got a lot to say on a particular topic since you have to do a lot of replying to your own tweets. There is also the risk of you making a mistake and messing up the context of a tweet. For example, you could accidentally reply to the main intro tweet instead of replying to one of the reply tweets you made to that main tweet.

Fortunately, according to Matt Navarra, director of Social Media at The Next Web, Twitter is indeed working on making Tweetstorm creation easier. Matt pointed out a discovery made by an independent developer who found the feature within the code of Twitter’s Android app. The feature is shown to allow you to create those chained tweets in one go and then tweeting them at once. This will surely save you time from clicking on each individual tweet in order to add to it as you currently have to do.


Even though the feature was found within the code of the Twitter app, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is coming. It is not yet official and it’s not even in testing phase yet. This means that it may not make it at all to the stable version of Twitter which is used by most people. Regardless of that, let us know your thoughts about this Tweetstorm feature.

Do you often find yourself creating a Tweetstorm? Would such a feature be something you’d want? Maybe you don’t even use Twitter at all, so do you use it? If you don’t why don’t you use Twitter?


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