Download the latest report on telecoms industry in Zimbabwe (POTRAZ Q2 2017)


Some interesting stats on the report, just to highlight a few:

  • In Q2 2017, our Mobile Internet data usage increased by 15.8% from 2,688,410GB  (Q1) to 3,112,416GB.
  • It also seems people are now interested in Voice calls again, excluding calls on Over The Top (OTT) services such as WhatsApp, total voice traffic increased by 6.3% to i.e. from
    993,582,256 minutes to 1,055,844,283 minutes in Q2.
  • Active fixed telephone lines increased by 3.7% from Q1 to Q2, though interestingly the fixed telephone revenues declined by 2.2%.
  • The mobile penetration rate increased by 2.5% to reach 97% from 94.5% recorded in the previous quarter because of a 2.6% increase in active mobile subscriptions.

Click on the link to download the complete report. Abridged_Sector_Perfomance_report_2nd_Quarter_2017

More details to come on future articles analysing this report.


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