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EcoCash guarantees USD plus an extra 7% incentive for receiving money from the diaspora

EcoCash remittance website

Like I said, I’m on a roll to help you save money. Actually, maybe we should call it the #cheapskate series, what do you think? 😉

Anyway, so EcoCash enables you to receive money from the diaspora in USD through the EcoCash Diaspora service. The sender however has to send the money any one of the below listed remittance service:

  1.  Worldremit

  2.  Mukuru

  3.  Call Home

  4.  MoneyGram

  5.  Cassava remit

  6.  Western union

  7.  MTN

  8.  Mama money

But here’s something to note, you’d need to cash out at an Econet shop to get it in USD otherwise agents will definitely give it to you in bonds not to mention the extra 25 -30% they will charge you for the cash out. You on the other hand might need the money in USD (to pay for DStv or something) so you’ll have to go buy it on the streets for another 15-20% more. Oops, forgot that was illegal now, so not bad since you now can go to the defined money transfer agencies and exchange your bonds for USD at a 1:1 rate (well, that’s according to Dr Mangudya).

Also, if you add Afrocoin to that list, you will be able to get a 7% extra of the sent amount if sent via any of the above listed remittance platforms. This means if someone sends you $100 you will be able to receive it with an extra $7 (7% of $100) to make it $107.

However, this 7% extra only applies if both the sender and the receiver are registered on EcoCash.


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7 thoughts on “EcoCash guarantees USD plus an extra 7% incentive for receiving money from the diaspora

  1. where does ecocash get the US$ cash from to dole out here? thats the million dollar question here!

    1. mubvunzo iwoyo wakafanana nekuti RBZ inowanepi $US! Since iri remittance these mukurus, WU, mama money etc they are funded bcoz zvinounza mari munyika! On another day that question doesn’t have an answer lol

    2. its simple my friend, they are receiving the remittances from abroad because the senders will end real money,

  2. but how can buying/selling money be illegal. va Biti declared Zim dollar moribund and the official status quo is that anyone born after 2009 February has never seen official currency of this country.

    Secondly, we were told that the Bond note = 1:1 with the USD, and we were told no one will ever be forced to use the Bond notes.

    Also mu Zimbabwe ever since GNU hakusisina chinhu chinonzi price control, we use willing buyer willing seller.

    Saka vaMangudya vanofanira kutiudza kuti zviri kufamba seyi?

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