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Black Friday is here, you might be interested in this…

For those who still have some means of making international payments, here’s something for you.

By the way, Black Friday is the day which is regarded as the first official date of Christmas shopping. It comes on the day after Thanksgiving (an American holiday celebrated on the 4th Thursday of November). Anyway, here’s the catch: retail shops offer promotional sales with discount  of up to 90%!  So if local, you can make use of online stores and get yourself some good deals.

The only problem in Zimbabwe is that most banks have discontinued the international payments option because of the bond notes. Those (banks) that haven’t, have seriously slashed the limits or have introduced USD-prefunded cards but as we know USD are not as easy to obtain within the country.

Nonetheless, if not for this year, then learn this for next year. I’m pretty sure the new Zimbabwe will be friendlier to us.


infographic credit: Webmastersjury

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