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Mature local startups have struggled in the “pandemic eCommerce boom”

So, we have been saying for a long time that eCommerce is on the up in Zimbabwe and that’s true. We have seen a number of new services, as well as traditional players, adopt online buying and selling. Now, as great as this is, there are some considerable problems that eCommerce based startups have faced […]

Cabinet approves eCommerce bill

The Principles for Electronic Transactions and Electronic Commerce (eCommerce) Bill was approved by cabinet according to a report by ZBC News. The nation is being informed that the development of information communication technologies in cyberspace requires that the legal and policy environment be adapted to take into account the relevant changes. In particular, there is […]

Wa-Faya now automatically carries voucher balances over

It’s been two months since Simbisa brands launched their Diaspora focused Wa-Faya vouchers and it seems they are actually working hard to make this a success. They have made a couple of improvements since they started. Including adding the Rand EFT payment option for the sake of those in South Africa but unfortunately, the system […]

Now that Gearbest is gone, here are some alternatives

A few days ago Gearbest’s website went down and the site hasn’t been back up since. There were no announcements or explanations from the owners of the once vibrant Chinese e-commerce store. In fact, a lot of customers who had placed their orders with the site in recent months and weeks are now scrambling to […]

Noted and good day, here is why we use them

Zimbabwean Twitter or Zwitter as it’s sometimes known is an interesting place to be. Unlike the “real world” where people are sometimes afraid to express themselves or engage in certain subjects on Zwitter people are more liberal with their opinion, more fearless and candid. All sorts of topics including politics, health, personal finance, business ideas […]

Simbisa needs to make reloadable Wa-Faya coupons

So it has been weeks since Simbisa launched Wa-Faya and it’s kind of an understatement to say that I have been a regular user of the service. Not only have I been personally buying myself coupons using PayPal, but I have also managed to turn the service into a lazy gift of sorts to friends […]

Wa-Faya now supports buying coupons using Rand EFT, Google Pay and Apple Pay

Last week we talked about how Wa-Faya was Simbisa brands igneous effort to tap into the all-important diaspora market. There was however one glaring oversight. The site only supported paying using PayPal and Credit/Debit cards. While that’s usually adequate in most situations there are a lot of people in the Diaspora that don’t have these […]

Wa-Faya is awesome but it doesn’t yet support Dial a Delivery

At the close of last month, Simbisa brands introduced the Wa-Faya voucher. These vouchers are a great initiative that closes a glaring gap in their line of services. You see, up until we had Wa-Faya it was hard for you to buy fast food for your family back in Zimbabwe if you were in the […]

South Africa’s Post Office wants to block other couriers from delivering packages under 1kg

In a shocking move, the South African Post Office said it was the only entity allowed to handle packages between 0 and 1 kg by law. The organization recently reiterated a ruling made by the country’s Complaints and Compliance Commission (CCC) against a private courier known as Postnet in 2019. The ruling confirmed that in […]

Dairibord now has an online store

More than milk

Marketsquare, Zim’s newest online marketplace

Marketsquare is ZImbabwes newest online marketplace application that allows you to buy and sell goods, services and even advertise jobs.

Edgars is now selling on WhatsApp & online

Edgars Zimbabwe has announced that it has launched online and WhatsApp shopping platforms in a move to mitigate sales declines caused by the lockdown.

Gizmo Tech Store is an eCommerce store we’ve used to buy gadgets and we’re impressed

You ever wanted something on sites like Amazon or eBay but you’ve been scared away because of the shipping fees? Usually, the shipping fees are more expensive than the thing you’ve actually bought which makes for a terrible. It costs more to ship the thing over to Zimbabwe than it does to actually buy. Therein […]

Vaya partners with SA company to deliver groceries from across the border

Cassava Smartech’s Vaya has partnered with South African eCommerce retailer Thumela eKhaya. The partnership will allow Zimbos to order groceries and have them delivered back home using Vaya. The goods on offer will not only be from South Africa but will also include some of the Cutting out the middleman For a long time Zimbabweans […]

Senditoo announces US$10 referral program for Zim market

Senditoo has announced that they will be rolling out a referral program that will see Zim residents earn US$10 for new customers they refer or introduce to use their airtime or money transfer services. The ‘Senditoo ‘Refer a Friend’ initiative is one of the largest referral programmes to be run by a remittance company in […]

You can now buy ZESA tokens online on Techzim Market!

A number of Techzim Community members have been asking if they could buy ZESA tokens using the Techzim Market. Electricity is one of those that we can’t do without and the more ways that are available to purchase it the better. In light of this, we are happy to say, you can now buy ZESA […]

ZimArt Shop, an eCommerce platform for visual artists

Antfarm Zimbabwe, a local website and software development company, has announced the launch of an online store called ZimArt Shop. Antfarm launched ZimArt Shop in order to give Zimbabwean artists an online platform to sell their products. The online store is open to visual artists, writers, craft suppliers, local galleries and designers. How do artists […]

Chicken Hut’s new digital menu looks to kill 3 birds with one stone

COVID-19 has presented many pitfalls for businesses and chief among those affected are restaurants and fast food businesses. I was pleasantly surprised to hear that despite all these stumbling blocks Chicken Hut is seeing opportunity in this new reality. Speaking to Chad Chawanda- Chicken Hut’s executive chairman- he explained how they are actually piggybacking on […]

SA fintech Ozow launches zero-rate data payment apps

South African fintech company Ozow (formerly known as i-Pay) has launched two payments apps. One payment solution is a progressive web app that won’t require data and the other is an application that simplifies bank transfers. In what the company is calling the Ozow Revolution, they seek to make digital payments available to every South […]

Joey’s Pizza now has a mobile app

Joey’s Pizza is now available through a mobile application. This development follows on the heels on Fresh in a Box’s app that came out a couple of week’s ago. Both Joey’s Pizza and Bottle Store (Fresh in a Box’s liquor property) were all said to be getting their own apps. Like the Fresh in a […]

Zimswitch announces partnership with Mastercard to “modernise national payments infrastructure”

Zimswitch today announced a partnership with Mastercard that they say will “enable the modernization of Zimbabwe’s payment infrastructure”. Whilst Zimswitch and Mastercard are yet to announce any joint products/services, there are hints as to what they will be working on. Zimswitch issued a press statement on the partnership and some of the things they highlighted […]

DFS Lab is looking to invest in founders building the future of digital commerce in Africa

We are living in unprecedented times. The coronavirus pandemic has brought on new problems as well as magnified existing ones in Africa. There are individuals and collectives out there working on some of these solutions but it is tough for entrepreneurs to get funding. This is where Digital Financial Services (DFS) Lab comes in. DFS […]

Fresh in a Box caves into customers demand. Finally releases app

One of the most recognisable local eCommerce brands, Fresh in a Box now has a mobile application. Interestingly, the Founder of Fresh in a Box Kuda Musasiwa has always been vocal about not having an app so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the startup now had an app. I reached out to Kuda […]

Rainbow banking on eCommerce app to turn them into “tech-driven” tourism group

Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG) recently published financial results for the year ended at 31 December 2019. The financial results offer an interesting look at the company’s financials, COVID-19’s impact and the role of RTGs Super App – Gateway Stream. I won’t focus on the financials and other things in the repor. For that go here. […]

Munch Zim redesigns its food delivery app and adds more services

I’ve used the Munch app once or twice but the user interface has always rubbed me the wrong way. It seems that’s something they knew (or maybe they didn’t) and after the most recent update – the application has seen a design overhaul. The new design is much much cleaner than the old design – […]

Is ZimPost focusing on the wrong eCommerce opportunity?

ZimPost is an interesting organisation. Particularly because they are in a transitional period where one revenue model (mail) is dying rapidly whilst another opportunity presents itself (eCommerce). With less and less people sending letters, ZimPost has to find a way to turn the eCommerce opportunity into revenue fast. Year Volume of letters 2017 4,889,497 2018 […]

Amazon fined for dealing with sanctioned countries including Zimbabwe

On the 8th of July, the US Department of Treasury issued a statement to the effect that the Office of Foreign Assets Control had reached a settlement with Amazon. Amazon agreed to pay US$134 523 “for apparent violations of multiple OFAC sanctions programs”. What exactly did Amazon do? Amazon unintentionally delivered goods to sanctioned people […]

Schweppes Zim Now Selling Their Products Online

COVID-19 has forced many business and customers alike to embrace the internet for selling and purchasing of products. Schweppes is one of those companies that have made the plunge and their website now has an eCommerce section allowing interested parties to buy online and get their loot directly delivered to them. Before we talk about […]

eCommerce in the Pandemic

“We were very surprised by the appetite of consumers for products that are sometimes expensive. We were very surprised that we could find a way to make the deliveries happen. A lot more positive than negative things were happening. I’m very bullish about e-commerce in Africa because what is unique in this continent is you […]