NetOne introduces a $3 OneFusion package

It’s been one year, five months, eighteen days and a few hours since NetOne launched the OneFusion promotion. I can confidently tell you that it has been of immense value to the people and clearly I’m one of them in spite of the slack on the number of hours. But I forgive myself seeing that you also don’t know…

Since OneFusion’s launch, the cheapest package has been the $5 one, which has 60mins OnNet, 18mins OffNet, 300mb Data, 10sms, 700mb WhatsaApp and 900mb Facebook. However, the people have long awaited for a cheaper package, a $3 one to be precise; so much that some even wen’t ahead and carefully crafted some fake news of its launch and it circulated much.

Anyway, finally, NetOne has heard the cry and decided to be considerate. Unfortunately not in the way we expected it. What we wanted is a $3 OneFusion that would last a month but alas.  (And by the way, by we, I mean my friend and I; so feel free to speak otherwise in the comments section).


The recently introduced $3 package only lasts for 7 days, i.e. a week and offers the following:

  • 60 Mins OnNet

  • 10 Mins OffNet

  • 250MB Data

  • 250MB WhatsApp

  • 250MB Facebook

  • 10SMS

Despite the time period in which this package is valid, the package is quite rich. So it will just be a question of what you prefer over the other between quantity and period valid since you’d have to make a trade-off. In fact, I’d be interested to know what you’d pick and this is whether you’re a ‘fusionist’ or not.

Also, if you’re interested, here’ how you can purchase the OneFusion $3 on a NetOne line.

  1. Dial *171#

  2. Select 2 – One Fusion

  3. Select 1 – proceed

  4. Select 1 – available purchases

  5. Select 1- one fusion 3

  6. Select 1- confirm


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11 thoughts on “NetOne introduces a $3 OneFusion package

  1. I have been on One Fusion for about 13 months, am not a heavy user of both data and voice so would definitely go for the $5 one which l think is more valuable

  2. anything without twitter bundles is out for me & unfortunately the $10 bundle where twitter bundles are is too steep for me. so am using the data bundles in the $5 bundle for my twitter and it doesn’t last since i’ll be competing with other data draining TSR apps

  3. if they could make it last @ least 14 days i would jump on it but i will stick to the fusion 5 has been good for over a year now

  4. They must either extend the durability of their $3 bundle to a month and reduce the Data to 100 mb…
    what I need is it must go for a month as the other Fusion packages

  5. Ha that’s insane, its like introducing Kwese @ $49 isina Super Sport, we will continue using the fusion 5 or 10, this package is nuts

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