NetOne launches OneFusion, a comprehensive prepaid package with loyalty bonuses

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NetOne Zimbabwe, Zimbabwean Telecoms

Brian Mutandiro, the CEO of NetOne

Earlier tonight local mobile network operator NetOne launched its new integrated prepaid package called OneFusion.

The service gives subscribers a comprehensive plan that has bundles for on-net and off net minutes, data, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter bundles and international minutes (for some of the plans).

BundlesOneFusion 5OneFusion 10OneFusion 20OneFusion 50 OneFusion 100OneFusion 150OneFusion 200
Price ($US)5102050100150200
On Net Minutes60130300750187528134688
Off Net Minutes18401002506259381563
International Minutes2055100140
Data (MB)1530751884707051175
WhatsApp Monthly700 MBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Facebook Monthly900 MBUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Twitter MonthlyUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited

Please note that the OneFusion packages were updated. See this new article for the latest bundles packages.

It is available for all NetOne prepaid subscribers and will run parallel with other NetOne packages under the EasyCall banner. It can be accessed by dialing *400# and the plans range from $5 to a $200 package.

It also comes with loyalty cards whose points can be redeemed in the form of discounts at partnering organizations like African Sun, Chicken Slice, Edgars, Air Zimbabwe, Pablo’z, News Cafe Pick n Pay, and Engen.

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The OneFusion logo

According to the NetOne, OneFusion is meant to provide subscribers with a way of controlling their spend on communication by using an all-in-one service that can cater for all their needs.

The CEO of NetOne, Brian Mutandiro spoke briefly of the operator’s plans to rise to the top of local mobile telecoms in 2 years with the OneFusion package ushering in a new era at NetOne.


  1. jahman

    Why is data so expensive to access still with the introduction of smartphones. $20 and receive only 75mb that can easily get used up in a day with all apps running, 1gb should be the minimum on offer.

    1. Muzukuru

      Taura hako Jahman. This is crap. People don’t need that much onnet calls anyway. How many people do you know who have netone numbers, I make more Zol calls than to people vekuNetone. I haven’t called any netone person this year uku tave munaJune.

    2. mwana mwana

      I’m with you. 1gig minimum offering

    3. Reality Check

      Jahman. I think unlimited social is in fact Data but i think u r entangled in yo dread locks

    4. Nash

      I totally agree with Jahman, the data packages should start at 1gb and some options for unlimited calling for certain packages.

    5. Zvokwadi

      jahman, NetOne has superb data bundles already on offer and the One Fusion as a combo gives distributed benefits. That is fine. You can get no better deals anywhere!!

    6. BaNyasha

      guys are you aware that that extra data is only valid on day off purchase till midnight. i found out the hard way. i was trying to make it last when at midnight i received the notification that the data has expired. makes less sense i know but that’s the way it is.

      1. Anonymous

        if the data expires in one day. then this is just crap

  2. Candy

    Personally would opt for a plan with a bias towards data not voice calls & sms. I would jump into a plan with abv a gig in data, i dont mind abt any other.

  3. Anonymous

    this not a promotion yakadhakwa iyi

  4. Stephan Manzwi

    Guys complaining about this promotion, are any other MNOs offering better deals?

    1. Anonymous

      even if this was the best deal available across all MNOs, still yakadhakwa!

    2. Muzukuru

      Typical Zimbo mentality. Even though our economy is rubbish we are better than Mozambique

  5. Master

    I honestly don’t see how this will help NetOne, as long as they keep focusing on voice calls and sms it ain’t gonna work, we’re living in a digital world, it’s all about data nowadays, 75Mb for $20 is nothing but a joke!

    1. Anonymous

      try one fusion broh $20 you get 1.7gb data bundels not 75

  6. Anonymous

    toda data more than zvimwe izvo a

  7. 007


  8. Dr Sims

    Browse for as low as $1.00 for 350mb, $2 for 800mb and $3 for 1GB between 10pm and 6am with the Telecel night Bundle. Dial *470# to subscribe.
    $2 for 1GB, $1 for 300mb, $0.50 for 60mb all day any time this winter with the Telecel Daily data Bundle.Dial *470# to subscribe.

    1. Retarded Pro

      So in other words, i buy a telecel and keep it in my smartphone, on whatsapp i stick to my old Econet number then NetOne ichigara mu mbudzi?

      1. Dr Sims

        It kind of boils down to that if you do the math. Speeds and connectivity are relative and generally not much distinction between the 3 MNOs (4G or not, given value). I remember someone unsuccessfully trying to test speeds at various locations.

  9. Tawanda

    The data proponent is disappointing. I have been using this package for a week and i noticed that it takes it uses up the straight data 1st before switching over to the bundles. Very disappointing.

  10. Insufficient Data

    I’m an oldish guy but even I will not give these packages a thought because of the pathetic data component. True affordable data is the last frontier but these networks do everything they can to avoid this realisation. Why? There is clearly demand for it

  11. Ngonie

    It would have been joyous music if they announced that they have introduced larger 48 hrs bundles preferably a 1GB and/or 2Gb bundles but not this voice nonsense??

  12. Bright

    The data component on these packages is rediculous to say the least but over and above that in my case I would like to know what specials are on offer for those on contract lines.

  13. Retarded Pro

    Just went through the figures again and i keep on wondering, how did they announce those figures in public ! i mean that audience full of…. i saw some are comedians, i guess to spread the word,,,but what word? That with USD$5 you get 15MB of data?..And you only need to add another 5 bucks to earn an extra 15MB …WOW what a deal, and also an event to splash out some money. I’m not complaining, i’m surprised.

  14. prince


  15. mwana mwana

    I see the unlimited social app but where is you tube? i would for MNOs and even Telone to Zero rate youtube in their data offerings but then again THIS IS ZIMBABWE!!!

  16. easy

    some of us want a monthly plan, pay $10 and get 10gb for the month or something … I always want to be connected this one day in one day off thing is totally unacceptable and inconveniencing, why cant they give us good data plans like normal networking companies, besides these social bundles are killing these companies as they are suffocating data uptake. now most people use WhatsApp calling. and give NPs average of $3/month per customer

  17. Maxzims

    we need data only you can even scratch other whatsapp and so on because will access that with enough data

  18. Baleya Kwabinga

    But hw long does the parkage of one fussion last

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