This is Not Tech or Business but MUGABE RESIGNS

Tinashe Nyahasha Avatar
Robert Mugabe in green head gear

Who can resist to write such a headline? Definitely not Techzim. After 30 years as Head of State and Government and 37 years as Head of Government, Robert Mugabe has resigned.

We do not have words for it here in the office and I guess non of you have either.

This has been the most eventful month in the history of Zimbabwe since the birthing of the nation itself in the late seventies and early eighties. As Techzim we do not know what this means but hey there is a new era, a new opportunity to build the nation and the econm

Anyway to cut the story short, this is an important announcement: ROBERT MUGABE HAS RESIGNED


  1. beats

    its Business Mr Author, good sound business !

  2. chanyane

    It is tech biz. When biz in general improves, so does tech. We all know we are heading for better times. The transparency that will come within the various innovation funds as all officials understand that listening to requests shows leadership and arrogance shows ignorance will embolden all co-founders.

  3. Aurther

    It’s so relevent to tech dont apologize.

  4. Matteo

    it is business newslol, the whole coubtry was holding its breadth, this news will result in either increase or decrease in business, preferably the the first, also tech wise the amounts of data exchanged between our mobile networks i suspect must have hit some sort of record!