Download the latest Telecoms report by POTRAZ (Q3 2017)

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Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has just released the Telecoms report for the 3rd Quarter of 2017.

Here’s a snippet of what it highlights:

  • There were 94 new LTE installations bringing the total number of LTE eNode Bs to 881 from 787 recorded in the previous quarter
  • The mobile penetration rate increased by 3.5% to reach 100.5% from 97% recorded in the previous quarter following a 3.7% increase in subscriptions.
  • The active internet penetration rate increased by 0.9% to reach 49.5% from 48.6% recorded in the previous quarter following a 1.9% increase in active subscriptions.
  • National mobile voice traffic increased by 7.6% to record 924.7 million minutes from 859.6 million minutes recorded in the previous quarter.
  • Mobile Internet data usage up 39.1% to record 4,129.4 Terabytes from 2,968.2 Terabytes recorded in the previous quarter

If you want to download the full report click here

Of course you can look forward to more analysis and highlights on the report from Techzim on this site.


  1. Tembo

    Actually the information above is from the 2nd quarter report. Even the attached downloadable report is for the 2nd quarter!

  2. Staff Writer

    Fixed. Sorry about that!
    …. and thanks.

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