How to Record Calls on an Android Smartphone

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Call recording apps work effectively when it comes to tracking all call records and keeping them in one place. These apps help you record all incoming and outgoing calls for better call management.

Call recording apps allow you to record calls on demand. They also allow you to exclude certain contacts from call recording option and activate or deactivate call recording during the call. These apps work on smart techniques to provide you with quality recording and even allow you to backup on cloud servers and share it with family & friends.

In this article, I will discuss with you the ways which you can use to record calls on Android smartphone using Android call recorder apps.


Automatic Call Recorder 2017

Offered by:                         SMSROBOT Ltd

Requires Android:            4.0 and Up

Advanced Call Recorder offers futuristic solution to keep tabs on all call records on your Android device. It allows you to record all incoming and outgoing calls on demand. Furthermore, you can add certain calls to the Ignore list so you don’t  have to record them by this android call recorder app. It will save all call recordings in audio format and allows you to move them to any other location as well. This simple yet effective tool offers quality recordings while using low device resources.  

You can also stop or start recording during the call in a single tap as well as save call records with passwords or patterns. Sharing call records is also enabled, so is adding notes to the recordings, direct calling or messaging recorded callers, adding to favorites, recording calls manually, saving call records with custom name, generating call record history and much more.


Call Recorder

Offered by:                        Recorder & Smart Apps

Requires Android:             4.0 and Up

Call Recorder allows you to record all calls automatically and allows you to add calls to Whitelist or let them ignore. Here, you can sync your call records with cloud servers, edit them, add notes and do much more. You can even set calls as an important by adding them to an Important category.

The app offers high-quality output and helps you view and manage call records by time and names. You can tweak the settings to see the confirmation dialog to save calls once call is finished. It supports different recording formats including mp3, AMR, WAV etc. It supports whitelist (to record calls) and blacklist (to avoid or ignore call recording) options. Further, you can lock and protect call records with passwords for better security. It allows you to share & sync files with Dropbox, Google Drive, via SMS, Skype, and social media accounts.


Auto Call Recorder 2017

Offered by:                         Quantum4u

Requires Android:             3.0 and Up

Auto Call Recorder offers all call recordings in crystal clear sound quality. It is trusted by millions of users worldwide, this tool records your calls in HD sound quality and offers numerous other features as well.

Using this tool, you can find unknown caller details notifications, you can protect call records with password, set maximum call duration for call recordings and do much more. It supports different file formats including 3GPP & MPEG4. In other features, it offers various call recording features, provide password security, offers call notifications, set max call duration, smart notifications, contacts backup & restore and much more. It supports various language options to help users around the world.


HD Auto Call Recorder

Offered by:                          VDG Soft

Requires Android:             4.0 and Up

HD Auto Call Recorder offers a user-friendly interface and perfect sound quality. It automatically records all call conversations and automatically deletes all old call records after a specified period of time. Here, you can protect your call records with a password for better security. Further, you can share call records via email and change audio source and record format. It displays notification once the call recording is completed. Use this impressive app for effective results. 


Conclusion: No better option you can find to record calls on your Android device than using Android call recorder apps. These apps offer numerous useful features and offer you full control over your call recording data. Here, it allows you to record calls, edit, take note, delete or share with others. Using these tools, you can keep track of all call records at one place for better management.


Summary: Android call recording apps offer an easy and effective solution to keep track of all your call records. Let’s discuss some of these useful apps in this article.


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  1. Gift

    Would appreciate a discussion on the ethics and legality of this. Do you have to notify the other person that the conversation is being recorded. In what circumstances can the recording be used as evidence in a court of law?

    1. Clyde Griffin III

      Only people in Law enforcement concern themselves with the legality of call recording. Yes. They must inform you in order for it to be admissible in a court of Law; of course, that is the rule of thumb in non-dictatorial, non-pseudo democracies and non-military lead countries.

  2. Clyde Griffin III

    Nice app. Only people in Law enforcement concern themselves with the legality of call recording. Yes. They must inform you in order for it to be admissible in a court of Law; of course, that is the rule of thumb in non-dictatorial, non-pseudo democracies and non-military lead countries.

  3. John

    I started using the second app you listed in September this year after getting into a dispute with my gym [Virgin Active] about cancelling my contract. In a nutshell, the customer servive call agent misinformed me on a certain decision I made, but I couldn’t prove it as our discussion was over the phone. So, for that reason and others, I find such apps useful. Great post.

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