A lighter Version Of Google Maps Is Now Available For Testing


Google Maps Go, the lightweight version of Google Maps is targeted at developing countries. The app works on devices with memory limitations and on less reliable connections without compromising speed, and accuracy. The introduction of Maps Go is in tune with Google’s recent approach of introducing lite apps for lower-end devices. We covered Youtube Go and now take a look at the lighter version of Maps and what it offers

Maps Go features

Now it’s being reported that a beta version is available for testers in the US. The app enables users to :

  • Get location updates
  • Real-time traffic updates
  • Directions
  • Save places of interest (Restaurants, Hotels)
Current location






The app is not yet available to download from the Zim Google Play Store yet however, an option is available to download the APK from the link below.


Google Maps Go APK download link


Applications such as Maps Go are really important in the African market as they enable the bulk of people with entry-level devices to access features that were out of their reach. Hopefully, Google continues this trend of offering low-power alternatives of their Apps. I’m looking forward to a Gmail Go app soon ;-)!

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