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60 000 Econet Subscribers Affected By Disapearing Data

Econet sued

On Friday I received messages from Econet notifying me that I had used 55c of my main account airtime for data browsing. I rushed to turn off out-of-bundle browsing thinking I had left the option on after the last time I used it.

It turns out the problem was actually not on my end but rather it was Econet’s. The Out-of-bundle platform has been ‘experiencing some challenges’ according to Econet’s Twitter support.

We posted on the Techzim twitter page trying to understand if we were the only ones going through these trials and tribulations. After we posted on our twitter the masses came in their hoards confirming that they had been experiencing the same problem.

A company spokesperson gave us the official position of Econet :

Econet would like to apologize to customers affected  by data issues arising from a routine system upgrade implemented over the weekend. The issue is being addressed and the affected customers will be refunded in the course of this week. Econet takes this opportunity to thank all its customers for choosing their products and services.”

In our communication with the spokesperson, it was disclosed that a fraction of the customer base that had been affected but only about 60 000 users. He also disclosed that the problems started Friday morning and were fixed early this morning. You can rest easy and wait to be reimbursed if you are part of the affected group.

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15 thoughts on “60 000 Econet Subscribers Affected By Disapearing Data

  1. As a standalone figure, 60,000 sounds like a lot. But lets put things into perspective and say Econet has 6,000,000 monthly users. What is 60,000 of 6,000,000 customers? 0.01. So if 0.01 customers where affected, does it qualify to say the masses came in their hordes or its an exaggeration or your perspective? When we qualify things, lets do so in the context, I’m not say that disappearing data is a good thing. No. But if a problem affects less than 0.05% is it something that can be termed as affecting the masses?

    1. 60,000 is actually 1% of the 6 mill subscriber base. For a problem to affect 1% of a large company constitutes a number worth talking about

    2. But how many of the 6 million use the Econet data? And how many had airtime? Most subscribers are simply ecocash users.

    3. they are eating data at a quicker rate now. I dont know why but if u think im lying buy any data bundles and see for yourself. they dont last that long anymore.

  2. Techzim you will soon lose readers because of your exagerations…its good Econet is taking ownership and are making plans to reimburse. lets not be too quick to judge

  3. 6mil is total subscriber base but active 90days is around 5.3mil and Active 90 days data subscribers is 3.2mill. Given that is affect people for a day I should assume Econet’s Active 1day should be around 2,3mil which makes 60000 subs 3%. But I believe the number is more than 60k but in the millions.

  4. Why people buy Econet’s expensive data and not just use the lines for calling while using One fusion for data is mind boggling. If u can afford Econet’s data u can afford a second phone

  5. Why people buy Econet’s expensive data and not just use the lines for calling while using One fusion for data is mind boggling. If u can afford Econet’s data u can afford a second phone.

    1. Problem was not people buying Econet data but rather the system “buying ” it for them against their wish !

  6. They don’t reimburse,that’s a lie it happened to me and when I called them they said I would be reimbursed but I didn’t get anything, this is not the first time

  7. Any customer that receives bad service needs to be compensated period. This is why if you get bad food a a restaurant they reimburse you straight-away. 60 000 is a large number of people (although less than 1% of EW’s base) but imagine if these were Toyota vehicles being recalled? or Defy’s stoves with electrical short-circuits?
    TechZim keep it up, portray the customer’s view – the customer is after all King!…and also giving the right of reply to the service provider – that’s fair.

  8. @ anonymous 60 000 is a lot and when l cry out for my money am not advocating for others.thats my money l dont care about the 60 000.take note, not every subscriber uses data

  9. my phone just told me I have no bundles left yet I juiced In the morning and they last many days.

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