Multichoice Introduces New Channels

Alvine Chaparadza Avatar

Multichoice in collaboration with ROK Studios are launching 2 new channels ROK 2 and ROK 3 on DSTV and Gotv to widen their product range. The channels will be launched on the 5th of April and they will target fans of Nollywood, African music and Ghanaian movies and TV series.The collaboration between the two stretches back to the launch of ROK channel back in 2013.

ROK 2 will show programs that have a traditional theme, palace regal Nollywood movies and TV series, 24/7. For DSTV users the channel will be available on Premium, Compact+, Compact and Family subscribers and on Max for GOtv customers.

ROK 3 will show movies, series and West African music in English and Ghanaian Twi. The channel will be available to Premium, Compact+, Compact, Family and Access for DSTV customers and on MAX and Plus for Gotv customers.

Multichoice country general manager said this latest partnership is a testament to DSTV’s commitment to providing content that resonates with its customers. He went on to say that DSTV will continue to provide African storytellers a platform that will provide access and celebrate their works.


  1. Sagitarr

    Much as I am proud to be African, I hardly watch most African movies due to the poor production, sound quality, content, theme and even the video quality. An improvement in these areas might make a difference for me. I can’t stand for instance, watching a person moving for a good 30 seconds, what for? Bored photographer, maybe. What about editing?

  2. Gary

    I haven’t personally had dstv since 2010. When I lived in Sa I gave up as I wudnt buy a dish so the owner of the grannie flat cud benefit. So I stuck with the 4 terrestrial TV channels until I moved back to Zim in 2013. Then I only watched DSTV when I visted fam who had it. Do I miss it? No. If I want to catch up on highlights I go online or I simply don’t bother. I am still alive today. So don’t feel it is the end of the world if you don’t have DSTV who rob the majority of people in Africa from watching & progressing with playing rugby… tennis .. golf & cricket.

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