Startups Given ‘Blank’ Cheques, They Have No Idea How Much They Got. Secrets, Secrets…..

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ED handing over cheque to a startup

The successful launch of The ICT Innovation Drive has been met with praise by various stakeholders. One of the most visible moments of today’s ICT Innovation Drive launch was the presentation of big cheques to the 6 startups that are getting funding. The representatives of startups received their cheques with wide smiles followed by a cheerful round of applause as they came off the podium.

Wow! That’s nice…….But was everything normal about this procession?

A big ‘NO’. Usually, we know that when people are being given cheques at an event they pose for photos holding their big cheques.
Well if your saw the cheques you no doubt noticed that there were no figures written on them.As a result of this, people have a burning desire to know how much the startups got from the fund.

How much did they get?

I have reached out to most of the startups and surprisingly all of them didn’t know how much they were receiving.
That’s a surprise! Does it mean they are getting what they applied for?

Ok, fine… much did each of the startups apply for?

Again, no startup was willing to disclose how much they applied except one. To protect their identity I will not share how much they said they applied for.

What could be the reason for not disclosing the amounts? I will get back to you.

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  1. Me Myself

    Cheque maximum in im is $500.00.I’m just saying…………..

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