Whatsapp Updates Delete For Everyone And Other Recording Features

WhatsApp Statuses

Whatsapp Beta testers (people that test features before they are officially adopted) are now able to delete a message they sent, a full hour(68 minutes) after sending. Currently, you can only delete a message 7 minutes after sending. The feature will roll out to iPhone soon after.

What’s new?

Whatsapp is also introducing a Locked Recording feature which allows users to lock an on-going voice recording such that you don’t have to hold the record button throughout until you finish recording. If you’re in the habit of recording longer voice calls or if you ever need to then I guess the experience is going to be much less awkward. The feature was already available to iPhone users but was strangely absent from Android. There is also a preview recording feature that will enable users to listen to their voice notes before sending them

When will this be available?

The update is expected to roll out by the end of March. Whatsapp is also planning to bring stickers similar to the ones on FB.


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10 thoughts on “Whatsapp Updates Delete For Everyone And Other Recording Features

  1. What a feature. Maybe to add to the recording functionality, if possible to allow for “Duplication recording”. Considering that its an audio track your friend has just sent you, and you want to respond to the audio to make it a sing along recording in which the two audios are blended. You cannot play the received audio and at the same time record an audio such that the response would comprise of two or more voices blended/merged to the received audio like in sing along scenario.

  2. 68 minutes = One hour. I am curious do technology companies calculate an hour differently from us mere mortals. Maybe he is talking about Zimbabwean time?

  3. They should add a feature were you consent before you are added to a group you don’t like but unable to exit for some reason or another

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