Golix Now Has An ATM Where You Can Buy Or Sell Cryptos

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Zimbabwe’s popular cryptocurrency exchange, Golix now has an ATM. The ATM Is actually One of the First Crypto ATM’s with a cash-in-cash-out facility in Africa.

How will it work?

The ATM will ask you for; your wallet, how much Bitcoin you want to buy and then tells you the trading rate at the time of the transaction. Once the transaction has been processed the Bitcoin or Crypto is then transferred to your wallet.

You can also use the ATM to sell Bitcoin. You can then transfer the specified amount from your wallet to the buyer’s wallet.

For now, the ATM will be processing transaction for two currencies; Bitcoin and Litecoin. We managed to test the ATM and bought Bitcoin worth $20. The transaction was smooth and we will be uploading the video of this transaction soon.

According to Golix, the ATM is not connected to the exchange so users should not be too worried about funds being manipulated illegally from external sources.

You can also link an external wallet

You can also withdraw funds from a non-Golix wallet such as blockchain.info. Your wallet will be scanned via QR code before you transact.

Apart from the ATM, Golix has been on a hot streak of late: A few weeks back they also reduced the time it takes to withdraw from your Golix wallet to EcoCash from 24 hours to just an hour.

Some snaps of the ATM…

All transactions will be processed via USD only. The ATM is at Golix’s offices at Batanai Mall.


  1. louis

    where in Africa is this atm.

    1. ziBlog

      Golix’s offices at Batanai Mall.

  2. Armstrong

    Keep on guys viva fintech in Zimbabwe

  3. Kami

    Where is the ATM located

  4. dread

    where is it located in Zim?

  5. Name

    The ATM is at the Golix Office at Batanai Gardens, Cnr 1st Street/Jason Moyo Ave, Harare

  6. Robchinx

    And maximum withdrawal per day is $2 500

    1. Tejay

      What is the btc/usd rate on the atm?

  7. real dumb stuff !

    Better to keep your hard USD cash, rather than feeding it into this piece of garbage for buttcoins !!

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